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  • dude, any progress on your work ? if you need a spell or 2 done I will have one of my partners do them for you.

    Also, tell me what type of unlockable units do you need. For example tell me the rases that the monoliths will have. I can't make a troll as a special unit if you are fighting trolls now can I ? :p
    Well, if an overall consept is what you seek, then this is the thing for you:

    Try to streach out the auto-casting abilities as possible and put only auto-castable abilities on special units. that way they are effective and they have power. Be sure that the unit will be usefull, not nesesarily strong.

    Hope it helps.
    I will allways support someone who doesn#t think that his map will "own dota" like most users I hate here.

    Anyway, I can't help a lot with the triggering, but if you want I can make some unlockable units for you (with the monolith points :p )
    Oh, good, when I saw a PM I thought "Ok, so who have I insulted and why does he send me hate mail ? "

    Well now there is castle fight 1.13. Some maps shouldn't be updated. I mean, every map has one "glory" version witch is the best one. Castle fight 1.10 was this. 1.11 wasn't bad too, mostly balance stuff. But the new features and systems in 1.12 totally ruined the gameplay for me.

    Gonna see the consept now.
    listen, Blizzard's new patch just changes Jass. This makes most previous systems not working. Users are pissed that they have to do a lot of work again. + Most of the older maps don't work now. I mean.... I lost Castle Fight 1.10.... (I know that it is an old version but the new versions suck monkey c**k

    Anyway, you are maiking a project huh ? Well, I'd gladly do some consepts on it if you want.

    I will tell you one thing for mapping: If you start a map, release it. Even if it is not the best one you have done.

    Btw, I want to ask you something: Shloud I give a new set of abilities for the units in Protect the tower, or is the current one fine ?
    well It takes us about a month to create a project and another month to make it perfect. You do the math :p
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