Iconpack WoW Icon Pack [~1660 Icons]

Discussion in 'Models and Textures' started by Trollvottel, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. Avaleirra

    Avaleirra Is back. Probably.

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    These are great! +rep
  2. Themosberg

    Themosberg New Member

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    the download links don't work can anyone upload the set again ? :D
  3. Trollvottel

    Trollvottel never aging title

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    The goos.se-mirror is still working. However i will soon upload some new mirrors.
    /edit: Mediafire works again
  4. BcBoy

    BcBoy Active Member

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    Many of the icons are the same, the only difference is that some of the icon-names ends with an S and looks exactly the same as the icon WITHOUT an S. Also, i noticed that these "S-icons" have a small black extra frame arounds it.

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