Iconpack WoW Icon Pack [~1660 Icons]

Discussion in 'Models and Textures' started by Trollvottel, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. Trollvottel

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    So i borderized 1600 World of Warcraft Icons and uploaded them.
    A preview (which shows not much icons, but i cant upload pictures of all icons anyway...):



    I divided the Icons into 40 categories which can be seen in the Preview picture.
    Each Icon Provides a normal Button, an Autocast Button, a Passive Button and an Infocard Button.

    The Paths for the Icons are:
    Normal:    ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNbuttonname.blp
    Autocast:  ReplaceableTextures\AutocastButtons\BTNbuttonname.blp
    Disabled:  ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtonsDisabled\DISBTNbuttonname.blp
    Passive:   ReplaceableTextures\PassiveButtons\PASBTNbuttonname.blp
    Infocards(basic):    ReplaceableTextures\Infocards\infocard-basic-buttonname.blp
    Infocards(upgraded): ReplaceableTextures\Infocards\infocard-upgrade-buttonname.blp

    All in All it is 70 mb, so I had to upload it somewhere else. If you want, you can upload it, too, and give me the link so i can post some mirrors.

    Download Link (speedshare)

    Mirror #1 (MediaFire)

    Mirror #2 (GooS.se) (+rep him)

    All of the Icons were made by Blizzard.
    I asked the Staff before uploading this.

    After clicking the link, you have to wait 30 seconds, then you can click the download button (scroll down for it) which will start the download.
    To extract the downloaded Archive you need Winrar.
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  2. GetTriggerUnit-

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    :) It's :thup: <3 you.

    The download site is in deutch
  3. Trollvottel

    Trollvottel never aging title

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    Change the language in the upper right corner
    /edit: fixed link
  4. Renendaru

    Renendaru (Evol)ution is nothing without love.

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    o_O' Good thing you got permission first, most people post first ask later.
  5. Romek

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    Nice! :D
  6. kingkingyyk3

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    Fine... ^^
  7. BlackRose

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    OMFG. That is all I gotta say :O

  8. black.sheep

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    I can see alot of wc3 icons in thar. But meh, still pretty awesome.
  9. waaaks!

    waaaks! Zinctified

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    download link is broken, please reupload, either in mediafire or some popular hosting sites, thanks
  10. Joker(Div)

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    Overkill, link works fine, don't click the big download button, scroll down and there's a small grey one.
  11. Jesus4Lyf

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    OMG Blizzard responded AND gave you permission? WTF!

    +Blizzard Respect.
  12. Trollvottel

    Trollvottel never aging title

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    I asked thehelper and they gave me permission ^.^
    I dont know about Blizzard but i think they never said anything against DotA (which uses WoW icons, too) and I never heard from anyone who used WoW icons/models in his map that Blizzard accused him.

    Most Icons are new but some in the preview are not :/ The preview icons are random.
    But i guess you dont have infocards etc. for the most standart icons.

    Reuploading on a few sites now so i have some mirrors.

    /edit: MediaFire mirror
  13. Hatebreeder

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    You must have been bored xD
    Come to think of it - Weird that no one else has ever thought doing so xD
  14. GetTriggerUnit-

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    Of course, thats why they pay us.
  15. Igor_Z

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    Very nice. I like that. May i suggest a link of full wow abilities icons but my mozzila gets stunned because it has so many icons on that site. Have a look
  16. Nestharus

    Nestharus o-o

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    Now if only players downloaded this too and put into their wc3 directory so that map makers could use these icons without having to import them into the map.

    That would be truly epic ; D.

    Imagine.... 1660 extra icons without any extra map size

    *is in heaven, but then realizes that players will probably never download this and put it into their wc3 directory*

    *does a /cry*

    It would be nice if someone did the tables so that they could be accessed via WE without import *dreams of his dream*

    Then again, doing 1660 rows in a table...... .... I died at 800 for models... I can only imagine 1600 O_O.

    Oh well, good luck everyone, and +rep to Troll : D

    Oh, and it would be nice if Blizzard put up a patch database that took images, models, and music (specific format) and had players connect to the db and dl resources that they are missing when they attempt to play a map, and then when a map maker imports into a map it uploads the resource to the db if it's not already there and just adds a little line to a txt file in the map that says that it requires that resource. But again, probably not going to happen : (, but it would be epic.
  17. Igor_Z

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    Yes, that dream won't be realized... That isn't possible. If only we can do that. What a dream ;)
  18. Trollvottel

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    Sounds a bit like Martin Luther King Jr. ;)

    Thanks for feedback @ all of you.
  19. Tru_Power22

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    Nicely done. This will save me from searching for extra icons.

  20. Trollvottel

    Trollvottel never aging title

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    Did Anyone test it? Does it work for you? Is the quality good enough?

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