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  • Possession can be used to get free upgrades much like the Dark Archon's Mind Control in StarCraft. When you possess an enemy unit, all upgrades/ researches are automatically researched for you free of cost. You can possess different enemy Undead units to "steal" upgrades.

    Wow. I didn't know that :O
    library GemRecipe initializer onInit requires Systems
        private function onInit takes nothing returns nothing
            local ItemCombo combo=ItemCombo.create()
            //call combo.addItem('I018')
            //call combo.addItem('I018')
            call combo.addItem('I00B')
            call combo.addItem('I00B')
            call combo.addItem('I02T')
            set combo.result='I02S'
            set combo.model="Abilities\\Spells\\Items\\AIem\\AIemTarget.mdl"

    Doesn't show the effect?
    well i suppose you could ask me to not make jokes but i guess i would anyway, considering you were LURKING in that thread, it wouldn't do me any good to know whether you would be pissed off at my jokes or not, not knowing if you had any interest in the thread to care whether or not i made a joke, or else i would fear you would be angry at me anywhere i posted making a joke, which is...really messed up.
    I don't like repping but you did something wrong repeatly.
    Well, I won't -rep if the people is first time to do something wrong.
    you negative rep me for making a joke? that's not going to stop me, fool. my rep is so bad because of this kind of nonsense. why don't you negative rep someone who actually has bad manners? unless where you come from making a joke is considered just that.
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