US News Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership

Thats the problem with America. You only have so many political options to choose from. In Europe just about anyone with a bright mind can develop a party as long as it covers up what people really want. You'll gain support with a simple rally and thats that. That how our green party and our pirates came to be. Though, their agendas are becoming shittier and shittier :D
There are a lot of political parties. It's just that the democratic and republican parties have become the dominant ones in the last hundred years or so and have most of the money - so usually people join one of those, even if they should be running on a more independent platform, because otherwise they'll have difficulty raising enough money for prime time commercials. There are always two primary parties; it's not any different in Germany. What is it, the Social Democratic Party and Christian Democratic Party or some shit? Obviously there are more there just like here, we have a similar Green party, the Tea Party (also basically started by a leaderless rally), all sorts of shit. It's just, usually, they're fucking stupid like every political party, and rarely gain much support because they're unorganized idealisms, and not a functioning organization.

The problem with America is people are easily manipulated because our education system doesn't encourage free thought, it encourages you to believe what you're told, so you grow up mostly in an environment (elementary school) where there is much more effort on trying to get everyone to a 'standard' level of knowledge that does no good, and ignores actually promoting self-awareness or allowing children to make their conclusions and decisions.
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