Creating visible range of tower help please

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  1. MissKerrigan

    MissKerrigan Active Member


    My scv can build several towers
    Can somebody tell me how I see their range when placing them + when selecting them?

    I prefer to see the same range indicator just like the pylon has (lightblue field)

    Any help would be nice

  2. Dave312

    Dave312 Censored for your safe viewing

    Do you want to show the sight range or the weapon range? Since it is a tower I assume it will be weapon range.

    Go to the Actors data type and create a new actor of the type Range and based on Range Weapon (Change this to Range Sight if you want it based on sight range). Now set the weapon token to the weapon of your tower on the actor you just created (if you want the sight range, set the sight token to your tower unit).

    Now find the Placement Model actor and edit the Event: Events + property. You need to create and new which which will create your range actor when your tower is being placed. Create a new event (Right-Click > Add Event) and set the Msg Type to Actor Creation. Now add a new Term (Right-Click on your event > Add Term) and set the Term Type to Model Name and Model to the placement model for your tower. Now select the action and change the Msg Type to Create[/i]. Select the parameter Name and change the Type (down the bottom) to Actor and select your range actor you just created. If done correctly, it should look something like this:
       ModelName <Your_Placement_Model>
       Create <Your_Range_Actor>
  3. MissKerrigan

    MissKerrigan Active Member

    The only thing I want is when select SCV and click a at a tower, that you see the range of it before planting the tower!

    Hmm how I explain this...

    It's the same thing like you see in league games if you build a spine crawler, you can see the range of it where it would reach when planting the spine crawler
    I only want to see the range when have selected the tower, not all time, because it will be a mess when have more towers later in game :)

  4. Dave312

    Dave312 Censored for your safe viewing

    It is the weapon range that is shown for the spine crawler unit (as with all the other defensive structures). My instructions in the my previous post will give you the result that you are after.
  5. MissKerrigan

    MissKerrigan Active Member

    Alright, I'll have a closed look then at your instruction

    1. 'Now set the weapon token to the weapon of your tower on the actor you just created'
    What did you mean by this sentence? (sorry my english is not fully)

    2. Do I have to make the acter-event in the actor I just created (range) or in the actor of the tower?

  6. Dave312

    Dave312 Censored for your safe viewing

    Some actors have a Token property which is a little different than a normal property. On the actor you just created, there should be a token property called weapon. You need to change the value to the weapon of your tower. See image below.
    No. You need to find the actor called Placement Model and add the event here.
  7. MissKerrigan

    MissKerrigan Active Member

    Yes I found it!! I know now I have to put the 'actor-events' in the placement model actor, yes I now see the placement range of tower!

    I also wanted know how you can see the range of the tower when you select them so I went to the siege tank range actor (because I know the siege tank shows a range when selecting it)
    I copied + pasted this events and created them also for my towers but here went wrong something!

    When I create the 'selected range' actors, the placement actors are not working!
    When I remove the 'selected range' actors the placement actors works fine
    And even when I remove the 'placement actors' the 'selecting actors' now do work! weird stuff

    So for now I just created the placement range actors so you at least can see where you build a tower
  8. Dave312

    Dave312 Censored for your safe viewing

    You can use the same range actor that you used for the placement. Go to the range actor you created previously and add the following events:

  9. MissKerrigan

    MissKerrigan Active Member

    Thx Dave I finally got it but you forgot 1thing:

    Because you can't select a value in the actor-event, you have to save the map like a 'script file' which you can open in the notebook.
    In notebook you can change the name 'siegetankrange' to whatever I called my tower-actor
    I watched this at a 'you tube tutorial.

    Everything works fine now:

    1. Placement range for towers when building tower
    2. LocalUpdateSelection when selecting tower

    But 1 last problem I got now is when playing the map with multiple players, I see all range actors of all towers the other players have selected
    This is not that big deal, I can live with it and just ignore it

  10. Siretu

    Siretu Starcraft 2 Editor Moderator Staff Member

    I think this might be out of your league (and mine, I just skimmed through it and I don't really want to get more into it if I don't have to) but you can show different actors for different players with a method called "phasing". Here's a tutorial on it.

    On the other hand, the pylon shows the power grid actor only for the selected player. That might be worth looking into.
  11. MissKerrigan

    MissKerrigan Active Member

    Thx Siretu! I will try this tutorial (ofcourse! the pylon range also is visible only for the selected player)
  12. Dave312

    Dave312 Censored for your safe viewing

    Huh? I have been able to do this without having to resort to editing the script file in a text editor.

    Does this happen for computer controlled players as well? Do they have to be allied to you? I would like to debug this but need some more information so I can replicate the issue.

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