Dummy caster not casting blizzard


Basically I have a spell which is creating a dummy caster that's supposed to cast Blizzard (The default one from Archmage that is untouched). To debug the spell, I've went as far as creating a periodic timer to continuously cast the spell along with printing out a debug message of the casted location:

scope Blizzard initializer init

private constant integer ABILITY_ID = 'A000'
private constant integer DUMMY_ABILITY_ID = 'AHbz'
private constant integer DUMMY_UNIT_ID = 'h000'

struct blizzard
unit caster
unit temp
real x
real y

private static method periodic takes nothing returns nothing
local timer t = GetExpiredTimer()
local thistype tt = GetTimerData(t)

call IssuePointOrder(tt.temp,"blizzard",tt.x,tt.y)
call BJDebugMsg(R2S(tt.x) + " : " + R2S(tt.y))

public static method create takes unit caster, real x, real y returns thistype
local thistype tt = thistype.allocate()
local timer t = NewTimer()
set tt.caster = caster
set tt.x = x
set tt.y = y
set tt.temp = CreateUnit(GetOwningPlayer(caster),DUMMY_UNIT_ID,x,y,0.0)
call UnitAddAbility(tt.temp,DUMMY_ABILITY_ID)
call SetUnitAbilityLevel(tt.temp, DUMMY_ABILITY_ID, GetUnitAbilityLevel(caster,ABILITY_ID))

call SetTimerData(t,tt)
call TimerStart(t,0.5,true,function thistype.periodic)

return tt

private function spell_effect_response takes nothing returns nothing
call blizzard.create(GetSpellAbilityUnit(), GetSpellTargetX(), GetSpellTargetY())

private function init takes nothing returns nothing
call RegisterSpellEffectResponse(ABILITY_ID, spell_effect_response)


Still doesn't work. I've went as far as copying the exact same dummy unit and spell on a new map. Funny thing is, in this case it works.


I've touched literally nothing regarding the unit/spell in the process of porting.

What are some possibilities that could be preventing the dummy caster to cast Blizzard at the desired location?


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Strange. Can you attach the map where it doesn't work? Also, here's a list of possible reasons why it couldn't cast in general:
• The caster doesn't have enough mana.
• The caster is not within range.
• The spell is on cooldown.
• Logic error with code.

Although your attached map works fine, so that is why I ask for the non-working map.
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