JASS NewGen Pack 1.5d

You need to get the latest UI files. And disable UMSWE. If you wish to use UMSWE, try EGUI.
does any one got this error :
( Could not hack game.dll . please post logs/ongameload.txt ) .

ongameload.txt this :

loading kernel32.dll
loading blizzard.ax
loading Game.dll
Game.dll loaded...pausing and running script
Error: RegisterNatives signature not found

i can open WE NG but can't run warcraft newgen .
am use 1.24e patch ( ) ,
and i do in my map a lot of things use hashtables, and it's availabe in 1.24 only .
Is there anyway to zoom in on the trigger editor for JASS? So I don't have to strain my eyes reading the code?
Either increase text size like x-maul said or hold CTRL and scroll with the mouse wheel.
the download link doesn't seem to be working :/ anyone have an alternative?
I took the liberty to repack a new updated version of JNGP. I call it... JASS NewGen Pack 1.6a.


If anyone has anything against this pack, then I will remove it.

It includes AdicHelper, Project Horus, JassHelper, and RtC.

All of which are at the latest versions. If you don't like AdicHelper, disable it.

Edit: I realized it has my TESH settings. Simply delete tesh\styles.ini and restart if you don't like it.


Someone should put the new pack on the front page and change the thread name.
> Why would they? I see no reason.
For one, it isn't part of the standard pack, and will lead to confusion in what JNGP actually contains. The current contest only allows submissions that can be opened in JNGP, which excludes Adichelper, so this new pack of yours may lead to some issues in that area.
cJass resources are also unsupported here. If people want to use it, they can always download it separately.
Slight problem. The download has exceeded bandwidth limits.
> Mine? I don't think so. At least, I can still download.
No, the official one, which this entire thread is about.

I can't seem to upload it to the post, which is odd. o_O
Little help here guys:banghead:
i get this dropbox 509 error each time i click on the link
A direct link for version 1.5d.

Can some 1 help me please:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::banghead:
i am now downloading everything 1 by 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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