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The fact that the non-constant global which users are meant to modify is in all capitals is indeed misleading.
I also assumed it was a constant simply by the name of it.


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what, change it to constant or change to non-capitals?

I personally think it's fine, if someone really wanted to toggle saving in their map, they probably would look through the code and realise that it is not a constant.


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They also prefix all user variables with udg_, but we don't...
And you're right, for example they have an array named [LJASS]bj_ghoul[/LJASS].
But it is problematic for us, because one-word global variables would take on the same name accidentally as a local variable, so we uppercase the first letter of each word including the first one these days...

For example, if you had to store a unit in a global temporarily for a [LJASS]ForGroup[/LJASS] call, let's say you'd call the unit [LJASS]Unit[/LJASS] or [LJASS]Hero[/LJASS] (or something). Without the convention we use, it would be [LJASS]unit[/LJASS] (which is a type keyword) or [LJASS]hero[/LJASS] (which could conflict with a local variable or parameter). So we don't follow Blizzard's stuff on this one - the reason is we don't follow their udg_ stuff (with which this wouldn't occur...).


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> From what I've seen, blizzard names their globals like this;

Yes, that's correct from what I've seen in Blizzard.j


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Works, I think... Someone left when I did it thou, but that might be cuz they were a dick.
Shall try again.

Okay, I think it might crash macs, but apart from that it will work.


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Works fine in single-player and on BNet (one player), from what I can tell.
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