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Discussion in 'General Webmaster Support' started by UndeadDragon, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. UndeadDragon

    UndeadDragon Super Moderator Staff Member

    I have been having some problems configuring the mail server (I use postfix) on my VPS.

    I have set it up along with Virtualmin and Webmin and it can receive mail fine, however the problem it has it that it cannot send the mail to an external server. (It's fine to send it to another domain on my server). The error I get in my log is: (The email address I'm sending to is @btinternet.com)

    Host or domain name not found. Name service error for name=btinternet.com type=MX: Host not found, try again
    I have been experimenting and I realised I cannot ping the hostname of any site (although, I can dig it), however I can ping the IP of any server. I'm guessing that my problem is probably due to this, however my experience with Linux is letting me down and I have been struggling to fix it.

    Operating System: CentOS 6.0
    Main Domain: webemblem.com (DNS should be set up properly)

    Anyone have any ideas?

    EDIT: I have now fixed this problem after hours of searching and testing and stressing.

    Basically, when I installed Virtualmin (a domain management program) it incorrectly configured my /etc/resolve.conf, so I went and edited this to what it should be and this fixed all of my problems.
  2. Ghan

    Ghan Administrator - Servers are fun Staff Member

    Y u no use Google Apps email? D:
  3. UndeadDragon

    UndeadDragon Super Moderator Staff Member

    I've never tried o_O

    Are they any good? 6Sync has good support for them.
  4. Ghan

    Ghan Administrator - Servers are fun Staff Member

    The free version is 10 accounts maximum. More than that and you have to pay. It completely removes administration of an email server from your end. You just need to sign up for their service and setup the MX records. Then you can do all account management through gmail, and users can login to their @yourdomain.com email account with gmail. We use it for TH - it's awesome.
  5. UndeadDragon

    UndeadDragon Super Moderator Staff Member

    Ah that sounds pretty awesome. I'm sure some of my clients would also appreciate the ability to login via gmail to their own domain's email.

    It's definately something I will be looking into, and it seems a shame that I have now fully configured my mail server :p

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