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    This is a short tutorial on how to run the Starcraft II Beta under Wine. The tutorial assumes that you run Ubuntu 9.10, but it can be modified to work with other distributions as well. The Beta installer works just fine under the latest development release of wine (1.1.40) but sc2 will crash on the login screen. Because of this we'll have to download the sources for wine, patch them manually and compile. We'll do all this through the terminal (Alt + F2, type gnome-terminal + ENTER), just copy and paste the commands I give here should work flawlessly. Sometimes I post links with more info, if a command doesn't work you might want to follow that link and see if it contains help on your issue. Please mention your problem and solution and I'll update the Howto accordingly.

    First we need to install git since that is needed to fetch the wine sources:
    sudo aptitude install git
    Next step is to download the latest wine code to a directory and change to that.
    git clone git:// ~/wine-git && cd ~/wine-git
    More info:

    Next we have to patch wine with a fix for the login screen crash:
    wget -q -O - | patch -p1
    This will download a patch from my server and apply it to the wine sources. The patch isn't written by me but only packaged in a format that the patch program supports. Original can be found here:
    More info:

    We're now almost ready to start compiling, but first we need all build dependencies and some build tools:
    sudo aptitude install build-essential
    sudo apt-get build-dep wine
    We can now start the build process:
    tools/make_requests && ./configure && make depend && make
    And finally install it:
    sudo make install
    Restart wineserver and you should now be able to login into bnet!
    wineserver -k
    However, there are still some stuff to do before the games run smoothly:

    Fixing forever loading times
    Starting a game takes forever with certain settings in wine. To fix this you have to change the emulator mode to either Vista or Windows 7:
    Under the Applications tab change the Windows Version to either Vista or Windows 7.

    Fixing sound
    Starcraft II uses the mmdevapi which is only partly implemented in Wine, disabling that library will enable the fallback audio system that works perfectly (I'm unsure if this is a wine fallback or a sc2 one, regardless I haven't noticed any problems with it)
    Press Libraries tab, add a new override for mmdevapi and edit it to Disabled.
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    Good to know for me :) now only if I got the beta key invite :eek:
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    They call it Wine, "whine" because that's what people do when they realize what pain in the ass it is to do the most simple shit.
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    It's a Windows compatibility layer after all. Whining is a sign that they are becoming more compatible.

    On a more related note, some discoveries:
    Changing to native direct3d doesn't seem to improve performance or remove any of the remaining graphic glitches.
    Restarting sc2 after each pvp game reduces the number of crashes to 0.
    The patch didn't get into the wine tree in time to todays release (1.1.41), first attempt was rejected.
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    I found this post while searching how to improve WINE performance on my system.
    I'm also the proud owner of a SC2 beta key, but can't play at home because it doesn't run under Ubuntu.

    A coincidence? I think it's not :) Thank you, phyrex1an
    Kind regards
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    I do hope this should be stickied for future reference and after SC2 had been released.
  10. Sevion

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    I like the credit that winehq gave Phyrex <3 The only reference I can find is a link for a patch download. Lol.
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    Where's that part? I didn't see it.
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    Help me, I can't get in here: git clone git:// ~/wine-git && cd ~/wine-git
    I have just got my PC reformatted. What do you think is the problem?:nuts:
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    In the case you weren't just spamming advertising links:

    If you have an internet connection there is no reason for (just) that line to fail (save wine git being down or your system is very strangely configured. Eg, no cd command or no write permission to your own home directory -_-).

    Did you get any errors from the
    sudo aptitude install git
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    Hey everyone, new here..

    So I was extremely happy to find this guide thank you phyrex1an

    I know this was for the Beta, and may have been updated but I could not find it..

    When applying it to SC2 I am unable to get the sound working properly, when I disable it, nothing happens


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    "source' URIs

    Thank you phyrex1an for the help.

    In working it trough this deviation to your script appears. As I'm totally out of my league with this scripting, I don't know what to do about it.
    Could you help/advise me?

    sudo apt-get build-dep wine

    Reading package lists... Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information... Done
    E: You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list

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