Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Tower Defense!

Discussion in 'Members' Projects' started by Master_Saji, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. Master_Saji

    Master_Saji Guest

    (What a mouthful to say...)

    Yes, loe and behold your savior, wait, no, that's not right...loe and behold thine might! After ten years of being a LoZ (Legend of Zelda) fan, one day, I came across what I thought would be another LoZ experience...god, was I ever wrong! I turned out to be some half-ass attempt to make a LoZ TD but really, it wasn't even half-ass...not even quarter-ass! All they did, was change the tower names!

    So, my quest had begun, to avenge LoZ fans everywhere and to make little map-making wanna-bes cry their own blood! My mission is quite simple; Create the only, true LoZ Tower Defense! Since, I've yet to see anything half decent, I thought it best for this map project to be my first!

    So there, that's the whole story behind it, now some intresting, non-spoiling details about the map...

    • Almost every chracter ranging from Navi to Ganon himself!
    • Enemies from the LoZ Ocarina of Time world!
    • Boss levels!
    • And more!
    ~NOTE~ These are to be expected in the actual release of the map, not the Alpha or Beta!

    So...I guess, can I get some feedback on the idea? Or maybe even idea's to make it better?
  2. Rad

    Rad ...

    I really enjoyed playing all Zelda games, sadly they never really sank in. I never really had the option to get new games when i was a kid (When Zelda was good) so I dont really know much about it like the bosses etc. Sounds cool though, as I said im not a big fan but isnt there a crapload of Zelda's? Are the bosses all different? If they are you should combine them all... could make it like a maul or something that way :D

    Ill help if you need anything
  3. Master_Saji

    Master_Saji Guest

    Well, see what I plan on doing, in fact, is make a TD for like, all the major Zelda titles (LoZ, LttP, LA, OoT, MM, OoA/OoS, WW, & TP)

    And once that is done...which might be...years from now, I'll combine them all into a super LoZ Unlimited Tower Defense! :D

    Which, of course, will be bad-ass! And not half-ass made either!
  4. Sargon

    Sargon New Member

    So does the Navi tower attack by annoying the hell out of the enemy?

    And for that matter, did you import the "HEY! LISTEN!" sounds for when it attacks?
  5. Master_Saji

    Master_Saji Guest


    Didn't think about that...but Navi is not a tower ;)

    Just they annoying builder
  6. IllidansHead

    IllidansHead Guest


    Oh and I'm definitely gonna try this. (Have every Zelda game except for the GBC ones and definitely getting Twilight Princess when it comes out).
  7. UnknowVector

    UnknowVector I come from the net ... My format, Vector.

    You are not getting Twilight Princess, becuase im going to buy all the copies!!!!!!!! MUHAAHAHAHAHAHAH! :shades: jk ;)

    Navi pwns Illidan....

    btw i know the TD your talking about... it sucks

    Isnt there one about some race of little things and a talking hat is on Link's head :nuts: ? Minsh Cap? :confused:

    Ok yea ideas
    -For Decoration use a giant egg model on a mountain (Windfish's Egg) and make the mountain look GOOD dont use the cliffs use the rock doodad and stack them up.
    -Have fun with models, but i found a good flying skull model on wc3search a while back for the annoying things in OoT Fire Temple (ok so its a death tower... but it moves now!)
    -Link tower can use differnt weapons??? Boomerang flys in a arch, bombs are... bombs, arrows (normal), mabey even mana for fire arrows and such.
    -Morpia (the boss of water temple) needs to summon big tentical things and start pwning random towers halfway though.. lol
    -Minigames? Bomb-chu bowling! Target thingy! That maze thing in Clock Town west! Honey and Darlings? Crazy Game (LA) with a Yoish Doll in the middel! Basicly the things in the games, o and catch the chickens you need that one. And something like that place where you fallow the dudes who stoal your stuff in Subland or whatever from OoS where you dive behind trees.
    -When you beat a round get that "You did the right thing at the right time" sound.
    -Bosses need the "OMG Boss! AHH!" sound and display there name at the bottem of the screen (Ive always loved that).
    -OoT ocarina songs = pwn

    kk ill post more if i get it
  8. Master_Saji

    Master_Saji Guest

    Erm...lol yeah, I like the OoT ideas ^__^

    But you added some, non-OoT ones in there too, like, MM, and...MC...

    As for teh song, I'm looking for zome decent Techno song, yet, no avail...

    And what's up with the egg on top of the mountain? Which game is that from?
  9. PwnThePanda

    PwnThePanda Guest

    I have the LoZ LTTP Guide. If you want I cann tell you all the bosses and stuff. And I know where to get the zelda theme in a really cool guitar if you want. I think its preety small but I'm Not sure.

    And you gotta make volvagia look let teh sex.
  10. the Lumpy

    the Lumpy ►►►

    :eek: WHAT??? You're missing the best ones!

    I think he's thinking of Link's Awakening DX, for Gameboy Color.
  11. Master_Saji

    Master_Saji Guest


    Oh well, memories not my strong point...but, DO NOT FRET my LoZ Fans! I promise to do my best! But, I'm teh suxzerz at modleing...so...lol...

    and yes, set up me with the link to the guitar please ^_^
  12. UnknowVector

    UnknowVector I come from the net ... My format, Vector.

    Link's Awakeing, doesnt have to be DX the Windfishes Egg is in both, its the main theme of the game and the last (semi-)dungeon.

    I agree Volgagia is my favorite boss.
  13. Master_Saji

    Master_Saji Guest


    I've fixed the spawn triggers...so, they actually spawn...except when a player slot is empty...and I'm currently working on Bombchu Bowling! :D

    Still having gay trouble with Navi Icon...Disabled and Passive that is... :banghead:
  14. mase

    mase ____ ___ ____ __

    You gonna make another TD based off of The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess?
  15. Master_Saji

    Master_Saji Guest

    If it delievers...but I would anyway becasue Wind Waker was such a let done for some people, but it brought others into it...so, TP will mark another great gamer experience ^_^

    Which means yes

  16. mase

    mase ____ ___ ____ __

    I would love to help with that map if you want, i can do triggers/terrian.

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