Timer String leak how do I remove the leak?

Discussion in 'JASS Zone' started by Time, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Time

    Time New Member

    No idea how to remove the string leak... Can anyone help? Or is their any other way to show the timer in the Multiboard with out using strings?
  2. Laiev

    Laiev Hey Listen!!

    You can't remove the string leak.
  3. Time

    Time New Member

    Well that sucks.. Is the leak anything serious? Don't wanna end up removing the timer but if it is serious then I will remove it.
  4. PurgeandFire

    PurgeandFire zxcvmkgdfg

    No string leaks are nothing serious unless you either:
    A) Create like a bajillion strings.
    B) Have a computer from 1990.
  5. NoobImbaPro

    NoobImbaPro You can change this now in User CP.

    Well strings are char arrays which take a byte for every letter you write...and your ram is X Gbyte.
    You better keep your strings in constant global variables, so you won't leak at all.
  6. PurgeandFire

    PurgeandFire zxcvmkgdfg

    @NoobImbaPro: Once a string is used, it is entered into the string table of the map. (war3map.wts) This prevents extra memory from being wasted when you reuse a string, so you don't need constant global variables. =)
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