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Discussion in 'World Editor Help' started by -OverpoweR-, Mar 31, 2012.

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    Hellow fellow helpers, i've been trying to mess around with the editor recently, and i was curious to know wether its possible to have an upgrade affect specific type of units , for example, i wanted my hero to have Moon Glaive Upgrade , ( i added the ability to him,made sure that the Research is set to level 1 via triggers, also made the Upgrade Already researched in the player properties and still couldnt make it work.) but i failed, so does any of you had to deal with this kinda stuff before or can guide me to a Tutorial on how to make upgrades affect specific units Effectively ?

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  2. KaerfNomekop

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    Did you change the Hero's attack type to Missile (Bounce)?
  3. -OverpoweR-

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    Just tried that, but it didnt work :(
  4. Accname

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    The ability does nothing at all, it is just for visual appeal.

    The bouncing attack is in fact a little bit complicated.
    You need to make your heroes attack type missile(bounce) specify a max number of targets > 1 and set an area of effect radius as well as damage factors for the bouncing missiles.
    This is all done in the unit data and is not affected at all by upgrades or abilities.
    Look at the huntress in the object editor and try to copy the fields in question.
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  5. -OverpoweR-

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    Thank you Accname, i was missing the part of the AoE dmg factors, now that i set them according to my needs the bouncing attack works just fine :thup:

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