You want this (Official SDK, schematics, manuals and more)

Discussion in 'NUON-Dome General Discussion' started by K3V, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Skah T

    Skah T Former VML engineer

  2. mltv

    mltv Guest

    Awesome, thank you! If you need to take it offline, then others can PM to grab it from me in the future.

    Now, only if I could get my hands on IS3 :)
  3. Stiletto

    Stiletto New Member

    Hi gang. Sorry to resurrect the dead but could we get this going again? Inquiring minds want to have a look-see.
  4. Skah T

    Skah T Former VML engineer

    I will start the seed again when I get home tonight. Can't be torrenting at work :p
  5. cdoty

    cdoty Active Member

    Any chance of reseeding this, or uploading it to the website again?

    Thank you.
  6. Skah T

    Skah T Former VML engineer

  7. cdoty

    cdoty Active Member

  8. K3V

    K3V NUON-Dome Moderator Staff Member

    I added Skah_T's link to the first post and updated the thread title. Thanks again Scott!
  9. AtariOwl

    AtariOwl New Member

    I can't seem to get to the file or the torrent - any chance of this ever re-appearing?
  10. Skah T

    Skah T Former VML engineer

    The direct download link still works for me.
  11. AtariOwl

    AtariOwl New Member

    Oh Well

    Not for me - I guess i won't bother then.
  12. wazzal

    wazzal New Member

    ^^Maybe try it again? It just worked for me.

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