A strong screen recorder for PC? (with sound recording from mic and stereo mix)

Discussion in 'General Technical Support' started by Weegee, Mar 17, 2012.

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    Can anyone recommend a strong and lightweight screen recorder that captures video and audio (mic and stereo mix)? My last recorder, xsplit broadcaster on local record, worked fine until they discontinued the audio codec so now it doesn't even record the audio. I've tried fraps and camtasia and they both recorded audio fine, but they recorded the screen at like 1 frame per second if even that (im unsure if maybe my video options were messed up.. they seemed fine). I'm trying to find a recorder that will work with an emulator (all games are from original disks!) since i'm too poor to afford a nice console recorder (for now :p). Anyone know any good screen recorders that are strong yet lightweight enough to work with the CPU-intensive emulator? I'm at a loss here and I can't continue my LetsPlay D:!

    Sorry if this is the wrong section :O!

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