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* Description: When the ancient Terdrasill Tree was destroyed, no one could protect Ashenvale from its invaders...
* What is it about: Your base in Ashenvale was attacked by undead . You must defend it at all costs.

* I am currently looking for:
=> A modler
=> A guy that can give the models desired animation
=> Some one that can give me ideeas :cool:

You must defend the tree of life that is located in the left down corner of the map and kill Archimonde to win.There are a totally of 6 bosses:Mannaroth , Azagalor , Kongor , Doombringer , Mal' Gannis and the final boss , Archimonde.
There is also a feautre that when you reach level 100 you can choose one of the 6 bonus heroes.

Name - Class
Rylay Crestafall - Archmage
William Thompson - The Dude
Vampire - The cold and the hot one
Iceslayer - Icelord
Axe - Mourner Slayer
Slark - Nightcrawler
Duke Shadowmaul - Nightmare
The Iron Raven - Monk
Mars Lightseeker - Paladin
Arcane Legend - Wizard
Everely Skyarcher - Archer
Zeus - Lord of Olympia
Cyberg Winterhead - Tinker
-=Currently Working On=-
The wind god(50% complete.Still has bugs to be fixed)
Nightmare(need ideeas)
Zeus(need ideeas)
Tinker(need ideeas)

1.0 - Beta version
Download link:
No download link yet.It will be released next week.
Home Page
==| comments are welcome!

RELEASED ! v1.0 Working version!!!! <======Direct link

RELEASED ! v1.0 BETA ! <======Epicwar link


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I think more info on the map.
Tell us what races you will play.
Also maybe how it will play out. If you do/dont win.
What characters will we see.


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you know that Quel'Thalas is not in ashenvale but the eastern kingdoms? its a bloodelven city, in ashenvale there are nightelfs.


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about the boss idea, i have some idea

a boss with decent damage but not deadly, but have 80% evasion
a boss with decent damage but not deadly, but have lifesteal attack
a boss with decent damage but not deadly, but will return 50% back to attacker
a boss with decent damage but not deadly, but use stun every 4 seconds
a boss with decent damage but not deadly, but will use divine shield every 8 seconds, 2 seconds duration
a boss with decent damage but not deadly, but have 10% to deal 10x critical damage
a boss with decent damage but not deadly, but will have incarnation with cooldown 60 seconds(or more depend on your hero condition)


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You have a lot of hero names similar to Dota. I would recommend changing that. I can provide assistance if needed.


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Come on guys...Are you that lazy that you can't even post a comment ? You like it ? You don't like it...
EDIT: I found crashes...that's the reason no one can tell me if u like it or not.


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Can't even start it, actually :S
Really wanted to try it out, but for the above reason, I can't :(


You can change this now in User CP.
Well, I'm playing it alone, so I can't comment on balance issues. Here are some things I've noticed about Hawk Archer:
- Change the icon of pulse arrow to the auto cast one. I didn't know that it's an autocast ability. (I was going to complain about the hotkey being "P", which is really far for a spammable ability, but I guess it doesn't really matter here ...)
- Icon for Aimed Shot should look like a passive ability, since it's passive
- It would be nice if Pulse Arrow's upgrade tooltip would outline the damages for every level.
- The augmenting system looks interesting. Can you move the augment spell book outside the "learned" spell book? I think you still have a space in the main panel.
- Aimed Shot goes to level 4 but the upgrade tooltip only goes to level 3.
- Aimed Shot's tooltip at level 4 is broken. Gives 0% critical? :(
- So is sniping shot actually. At level 5, it gives 0 bonus damage.

Well, that's just one hero. You should go through all the tooltips yourself and fix for those mistakes.


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Please fix the learn and ability tooltips. They are rather bad ATM.

Also, gameplay is really laggy. I suspect its because of the damage detection system and perhaps some leaks here and there.

Next, Slark is too similar to that in DotA. Not to mention that his Ultimate isn't working. He doesn't gain anything when I use his invisibility.

One last thing. The lifesteal isn't working as far as I can see.
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