Battlefield Battlefield 1942 Reboot or Crash solutions and issues



Well seems I am not the only one suffering which if its any consilation to any of you makes me feel better. Maybe for some of you suffering I can offer a bit of help in return.

My Specs:

Windowsxp Pro Sp1 (all patches)
P4c 2.4ghz 800mhz fsb
Intel 865PE chipset (latest intel drivers)
Integrated Realtek ALC655 AC'97 audio CODEC chip
ATI 9600xt (new drivers cat 4.2)
512 DDR PC3200
400 watt power supply
DX 9.0b

Running -> Battlefield 1942 1.6

My issue is as follows ...

I play a single player game and the game crashes to my desktop or reboots my computer. I play multiplayer game and same thing.

My Solutions so far

Solution 1 (sort of works but sux ass)

I disable onboard sound and game works fine. This is good ya.

but then I put in new soundcard such as a soundblaster pci 128 card. Run game and game continues to crash and restart.

Solution 2 (works aight but should not have to do at all)

I disable hyper threading in BIOS and everything works fine. Can play for hours no problems.

Solution 3 (use my ti4200 nvidia grfx card)

If I use my ti4200 i have no issues playing battle field.

The reason why this is not a solution is cause when i use this card Halo crashes, Enemy territory locks up and Far Cry demo crashes. Also Call of Duty crashes. So my ATI is better solution as only Battle Field 1942 crashes.

So why am I complaing you say? Cause if i knew i had to disable hyper threading i would never have bought a p4 system. I only bought a p4 because at the time intels p4 had an edge over AMD.

I am looking for a solution to make the game work in windows without disbaling my hyper threading on my p4. Yeh i know the game don use it anyway but still there has to be a solution out there. Hell my ti4200 works on battlefield but not anything else ... so something its doing works.

What have i tried so far ...

1). Increasing Apature size 256
2). Disabled Fast Write on Video card
3). Diabled Side band addressing
4). Rolled back my video driver
5). Formated and reinstalled OS then used all drivers found on original install disk for chipset and shat, then incrementally patched Battlefield 1942 to version 6 testing every version.
6). I have run utilities that free up my system memory
7). I have tested my power supply for normal voltage levels on all rails.
8). I have added more memory to the system
9). I have reduced my fsb
10). I have undeclocked my p4
11). I have added additional cooling
12). I have contacted ati technical support (this probelm does not exist they tell me)
13). I have contacted EA technical support (tell me same thing above that ati tells me)
14). I have throttled my card from 8x agp to 4x agp
15). I have even tried a different video card from the ATI a radeon 7200 which works but can not play games like Far Cry or the new Doom 3.


wow, hmm have you tried updating the firmware on your bios? also check to see if your video card has an update (firmware update) I had similar problems related to my ram, try different ram (if possible, i wouldnt spend money to try)


My comp restarts during a game also

my specs:

pentium 4 2.8
512 ram
128 mb geforce 4


I had a similar problem, my computer would BSOD right at the end of the first single-player mission. Strangely enough, updating my audio drivers fixed the problem.

Now if only I could figure out why I'm having graphics rendering issues...


Yup done the new bios and new ac 97 sound drivers still nothing.
I should have added that to my list earlier.

Got the ATI catalyst 4.3's and no change. I really want to solve this problem because there is no way in hell I am buying vietnam until i can resolve this.


Hey Backoff you try disabling hyper threading then playin it? Bet you it fixes yah issue, if so let me know if not let me know too.


Staff member
you disable it in the bios ..
but i dunno
i don't think this will work

i am using HT and a buddy of mine uses it also ..
works like a charm

[ESC]Aule of Valar

OK folks.....

I had the same problem too and there's possibly multiple issues going on here but for anyone running Win XP home or Pro there is a very specific reason that it happens to me and many others.........

USB problems........If you go to Microsofts help site and check out the error code yu get they may tell yu its because of a problem with USB interfacing as well as if you're using any Saitek joysticks like the Cyborg Evo.......I updated the saitek stuff......and it still did it......then i updated my ATI drivers and the problem went away..........They also said that some "Lexar" USB drivers were causing USB interface problems on BF and i installed them as well.......I played all last night.........On an 8 foot by 6 foot HD projector Screen with full cambridge surrond sound that shakes the house in any vehicle.......(17" Bass cube :))

Game didn't reboot once where it was doing it every time i started playing.

So I would go to your event logs and get the tech help from Microsoft's help site.....(its all auto) and check and install the latest video drivers, game controller drivers, and check out that USB driver thing..... Lexar makes all sorts of USB and Flash stick memory stuff that goes into all sorts of different companies devices etc.......

Aule of the Valar .:||:.


how do you find your event logs and then run the automatic check?

[ESC] Aule of Valar

Go to Settings............Control Panel...............Administrative Tools...............Computer Management...............then drop down lists on Events.................look at the log for System Errors..............once you're in there look at the Error for the time it crashed and the rest is all hyperlinked.................youll go to microsofts site (thru the links in the Event log) and then scan for avaialable updates...........Use the USB ones The saitek ones and the ATI drivers problem should stop...................



Been out of town for last few days ... i try this and see. Let you know whats up tom.



Well i found the fix and I am very unhappy with it but at least my issues are gone. It turns out that battlefield unlike some other games will tax the shat out of your system and if you have any memory issue this problem will occur. My RAM was Hayes, I always thought it was Infineon as that is what is on my receipt but apparently I was hosed. When I tried more RAM I apparently used the same type of RAM. Thus I duplicated my problem. So the point is when i replaced my memory with Kingston memory and ran it, it ran smooth with no issues.

I narrowed this issue down to the point that I can assure you if your system is experiencing the same issue as mine i can help you narrow it down. Here is how to do it.

First you are running a p4c 800mhz fsb with ht in dual channel and have ac 97 sound of some type. Or possibly any dual channel mobo? Second you run battlefield 1942 and when in the game you see your hd flickering like crazy. Your not in the menus but your in the actual game playing a map of your choice. Exit the game you will CRASH or LOCKUP.

Now next time you run the game watch your page file and see if it grows to an unusual size if so the game tried to buffer info into memory but your memory is not capable of doing the operation due to some weird unknown error. It then tries to buffer that info it can not to memory to your hard drive.

Go replace your memory with a higher grade of memory i garantee your issue will be resolved. Repeat this process again if you crash again your new memory is prolly defective or has an issue when running in dual channel.

Placing memory in single channel mode can also help you test and see if you can eliminate your issues. If the game runs fine in single channel mode it could be an issue with the dual channel operation i.e timing issue or something else thas just as gay

Hope this helps
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