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    I recently joined tumblr. Thought it would be a good idea since I'm learning HTML and CSS right now and they have these templates that they let you edit and preview real-time.

    But anyway here's the problem, right now "my site" looks like this.


    1. What I want right now is to put the search bar, along with the pagelinks "do random things? "play video games". Put it in the same block.

    I think this is the part:

        <div class="PageLinks" style="display: none; {block:HasPages}display: block;{/block:HasPages}{block:AskEnabled}display: block;{/block:AskEnabled}{block:SubmissionsEnabled}display: block;{/block:SubmissionsEnabled}">
                      <div class="Search" >
                    <form action="/search" method="get">
                        <input type="search" class="Text" name="q" value="{SearchQuery}" placeholder="search?"/>
    2. The second thing I'd like to do is to put the "Posted on {time}" and "Filed under {tags} right next to the picture instead of beneath it (where i wrote the grey text). If I posted the wrong code please tell me.

                        <span class="Permalink">
                            <a href="{Permalink}" class="Time">Posted: {MonthNumber}/{DayOfMonth}/{ShortYear} &mdash; {12Hour}:{Minutes}{AmPm}</a>
                        <span class="ShortUrl">
                            <span>{lang:Short URL}</span>: <a href="{ShortURL}">{ShortURL}</a>
                            <span class="Tags">
                                <span>{lang:Filed under}</span>:
                                    <a href="{TagURL}">#{Tag}</a>&nbsp;

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