Technology Chinese military hacked into Pentagon

You, yeah, me, no, im 13 and I can go to Mexico easy. Just less than 10 miles from where I live.

not with the north american union in place, you cant hide in mexico anymore.

Bush is working hard to burn the constitution.

and about what china did, i think the U.S are the ones faking. You will be able to tell if they keep claiming the shinesse are doing stuff to them later on.
WWIII wouldn't be such a bad idea.

America's econamy continues to head down, "Feds Inject X Billion Dollars..."

Wars are normally major econ booster ie WWI & WWII

Nuclear damage mabye, but no world destruction, we have strong anti-missle technology.

In contrast with my first stament, I personaly do not favor war.
Actually... if I'm not wrong, there have been other things, economy negative. Like the Great Depression. Everyone at war = no one working. No one working = no money. No money = Cheap economy. Cheap Economy could equal lower prices, or higher and more poor people.
Looks like some people need a lesson on how the central bank works, and how it is going to destroy us all. Look up the main reason we had the american civil war. Look at your constitution, then look at the federal tax, and try and look at how non goverment related the central bank is.

all so look at how during the depression the federal bank started calling in sums of money from margine loans. And how that put banks into the state of bankrupt, turned everyone poor, forcing businesses to close down, etc etc.
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