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Icon made in 2006 using Photoshop CS2.

The icon is supposed to represent a demon head coming out of a swirling portal of some sort.

Contains BTN & DISBTN.

Give credits to ragingspeedhorn and Werewulf if used, edits are allowed.


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looks nice raging hows the acoplcysitic or however you spell it going?
Didn't seem to be needed in the 2 previous submissions? Why is it that I need an readme containing import info, importing icons are the most simple sort of import.
They shouldn't really have been approved, then.
Most people find it harder to get-around me, anyway :p

It is better to have a readme that at least explains how to import.
Afterall, it does make things easier for people, regardless of how "easy" you might say it is.

C'mon, remember the days when you had to create a thread on how-to-import those icons? :p
Never had any problems importing. Regardless, I probably won't care to update this just to copy/paste some import tutorial into a .txt file.

You can graveyard this and the other submissions if need be.
No need for the graveyard, that is another story, leave it, over, there, in the corner.

The readme is not a rule for textures, yet, though I should make it one.

This submission (and your others) are fine as are, though it is "advised" that you include a readme with import-info.

I'm just thinking of other novices that have no idea how to do this stuff.

Thread moved, anyway.
Blur as in a filter? Because I didn't use any filters besides from adding a shine to the portal.

The head is a little blurry if that is what you mean.
yep that i mean, try to make it sharper, with filter overlays or somewhat.
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