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    Hi guys,

    I was recently digging through some old stuff and found this gem in one of my backup folders.
    Man, that was a nice map. Random Map generation and stuff.

    This is an RTS game where the player takes over the control of a dungeon master and his minions. You build your little dungeon underground, harvest food and ore, spawn combat minions and level them up.
    There are neutral creeps and adventurers roaming through the tunnels and rooms of the dungeon. Fighting them will give experience points and net you some loot too.

    Unfortunately the map was never finished. There are still quite a few things missing, but most of the core components are there. There are also still debug messages displayed during the game and some cheats for testing were added too. And the settings menu at the start of the game is missing as well...

    Perhaps somebody can find some use for it or have some fun.

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  2. Accname

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    Wow, 21 downloads, not a single comment.
    I miss the good old times when WC3 was in its prime. I wish I had a time machine, I would go back and churn out high quality wc3 maps all day long.
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    Haha! Well, I just played it (alone). First the good things. The gameplay is rather unique, and I like many of the ideas that it has. Digging for ore and then releasing a rock golem onto my units makes me feel like the dwarves in moria.

    Now the critique.

    I feel that the game is not really balanced when it comes to many aspects. Note that I had no opponent, so this might be a bad factor. But there were far too many resources and far too few resource sinks. For example, my units barely died while exploring the dungeon. There were no expensive upgrades that I could have spent money on. The minotaurs seemed to be overpowered when compared to the grunt, for nearly the same cost I received a unit about 3x as strong. The medicine guy was completely useless. There is not enough ranged attacks in general (only one ranged unit but 3 melee units makes the battlefield clogged up). Attack dummies are probably the most expensive unit in the game, because 50 ore equate 750 gold.

    Scouting for ore behind rocks was very tedious, since it took forever to regenerate the mana on my hero, and my peons didn't keep attacking the rocks so I had to shift+click them.

    Other things also seemed to tedious, like having upgrades (+life/+mana) for the individual units (especially since either seemed quite useless). Maybe if there were decent attack items, or the items had very different effects so that some microing "makes sense"...
    With its 100 unit bound, the game needs to have about 6-8 control groups in the late game. That's just far too much for casual gamers like me!

    I didn't understand the experience system. At some point one of my grunts received a level (apparently), but I didn't notice when it happened. I think it would be nice to have the experience not go to a single unit, but all units of that type. Also, some sort of visual clue would be nice (maybe I just missed it?). I also purchased and destroyed about 10 attack dummies, but received only the aforementioned 1 level (and that was before I purchased the third or so).

    All in all, I think the game needs much more interaction (creeps defending an ore line, adventureres actively spawning nearby and attacking, rocks falling down and trapping/killing units, lava erupting from the ground and killing units), a lot of polishing (ore/gold balance, make it more necessary to look for ore), and, as you know, filling out some gaps.

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