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Currently there's no official news, only untrue rumors as far as Bethesda is concerned ^^

I -hate- the concept of MMORPG's. However, I -love- the concept of Co-op modes. I have Oblivion on PC, and I must say, it is THE best game I have -ever- played, despite it being 3ish years old. Fallout 3 comes close.

I haven't read the whole thread, so bare with me.

In order to have an enjoyable PC experience, there are 3 essential/vital mods to download:
- Qarl's Texture Pack III (10x better graphics)
- Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul (Makes the game insanely difficult (slower to level, monsters are harder but no longer level with you) and requires you to think before you engage in a fight)
- Unofficial Oblivion Patch (Fixes bugs...)

Also, the Shivering Isles expansion. It makes the game that much better.

What makes it good is that you can pretty much do anything you want, in whatever way you want. With over 100+ hours of gameplay (Hundreds of quests, which are all varied and require you to do different things), it's worth every penny. The only downside to this game is that Bethesda is notorious for having very buggy games... UOP fixes most of them though.

Sorry for writing about PC, as the topic was for 360, but it's the same game nonetheless! :)


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No they've only announced Fallout 4.
I have heard rumors about them saying that TES5 will be a online game, not sure about how much truth there are to them though:D'

Oblivion is an awesome game:) I just love that Lichkings helmet and sword mods^^ And not to mention all the other incredible mods out there,
anyone else who has tried Martigen's Monster Mod(MMM)?:)


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I'm thinking about buying some of the DLC for the xbox. I already have the Shivering Isles and the Knights of the Nine. Which other plugins do you think are the best? I'm leaning towards the Fighter's Stronghold.

Inb4 horse armor.
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