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Hallo! It's me again TheHelper.Net users! Your freindly neighbourhood Elf.

Anyway, I'm looking for Hero ideas and abilities to go with them. As much information as possible would be great, and of course, you'll be displayed in the Credits and at various points in the game.

Game Background Information

The game itself is heading towards a category. Each team has the units but with different names/models, so it's completely fair. There are multiple types of armour and weaponary, that increases the chance of killing certain opponents. Most units damage is around 100 or so, and most units life is between 50-200. Therefore, it's quick death (which is kind of realistic).

The game features both mystical, magical races of the Warcraft world, and Modern technologoies such as rockets, capturable income supplies, drop points, and more. Some of you may be familiar with the orc & gun models, and the tauren with the chaingun, we have these models included in our map.

What will the heroes be like?

We need various heroes, one set of heroes for the Hordish type race, with Orcs, Goblins, and other evil-type creatures such as the Undead. The other set will be for the Alliance, containing Elves, Humans, Gnomes and more.

Each hero should play some role in army management, but this is free to expand. At the moment, one of the Horde team heroes is a Parasitic beast. It infects it's foes with a Dark Arrow type move, summoning zombies which can go out and unleash terror on the world. Another hero is one of the Alliance Elves. An assassin, to be precise, with 1 health, 1 armour, and a 0.05 second wind walk instant kill move. Unfortunately, this hero is easy to kill - but can assassinate moving troops with ease.

How do I submit a hero?

Well, just follow this sheet, Green = required, Red = optional.

Hero Name:
Base Health:
Base Strength:
Base Agility:
Base Intelligence:
+Stength Per Level:
+Agility Per level:
+Intelligence Per Level:
Beginner Abilities:
Ultimate Ability:
Base Damage:
Dice Information etc:
Other Features:
I look forward to your replies. ;)
Regards, Diddy.
Hey, I made this hero for a map similar to yours :D However, I never released it because, it turned out bad. However, the hero was fine. It might not be to your exact liking but here it is:

Hero: Sacrificial Blood Warrior (Proper name's whatever you like)<<You can change this if you want >.>
Model: Paladin
Primary Attribute: Strength
Base Mana: 0
Base Stats:
+12 Str
+6 Agi
0 Int
Specialty: Protection of others.
Default Active Ability:
Blood Magic: "Through the Blood Warriors Chivalrous way of life, he sacrifices his hp to use instead of mana."
Level 1 Abilities:
Protection Aura: Devotion Aura + Healing fountain effect. Heals units around him every 5 seconds.
Channel Life: With every blow the Blood warrior lands, he distributes the damage dealt by his attack to nearby friendly units. (Vampiric aura except gives life to nearby units.) << Attack damage divided up for every ally.
Level 6 Ability:
Mass HP Shield: Whenever a unit, within a certain radius of the caster, takes damage, the hero takes part of the damage for the unit. Continuously deals damage to caster.
Level 10 Ability:
HP Tap: The caster drains hp from all enemy units around him, while giving the hp to all friendly units around him. (Self included) Continuously deals damage to caster. << You can change this if you want. It can be very laggy, and really annoying to deal with.

Passive: None
Protection Aura:

As it shows, heals units around it for a certain percentage of their hp. Heroes are effected less, and he also has increased armor.

Channel Life:

Screenshot taken right after Hero attacked. Overhead the blade master you can see the hp that was healed as the hero attacked.

Mass Hp Shield:

Here you can see the damage that is transferred to hero(in blue overhead.) and the damage received by units(Large red font above units with yellow circle under them.)

This is a close up. Everything within the circle of special effects(or not in the red) is protected by the spell.

I have a map if you want it, but the level 10 is bugged. It worked when I first made the hero, but currently does not work.


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Hero Name: Slum
Base Health: 160
Base Strength: 17
Base Agility: 10
Base Intelligence: 13
+Strength Per level: 1.7
+Agility per level: 1.3
+Intelligence per level: 1.3
Beginner Abilities:

Poison Touch (Melee Range):
The Sludge poisons the enemy greatly by sticking its tentacles deep inside the enemys body. Level 1: 5-10 damage each half second. Level 2: 10-15 damage each half second. Level 3: 10-15 damage each half second and a 20% chance for slowing him by 30% until next pulse (0.5 second) Level 4:
Level 4: 10-15 damage each half second and a 35% chance for slowing the enemy until next pulse (0.5 second)

Sludge Body:
Attacks against the Sludge sometimes goes straight throuh, ignoring the damage. Level 1: 6%. Level 2: 12%. Level 3: 18%. Level 4: 26%.

Each time the Sludge kills an enemy, it absorbs the corpse. Level 1: Heals the Sludge for 15 health, slightly increases its movement speed and gives 3+ damage for 20 seconds. Stacks 4 times. Level 2: Heals the Sludge for 20 health, slightly increases its movement speed and gives 5+ damage for 23 seconds. Stacks 5 times. Level 3: Heals the Sludge for 25 health, slightly increases its movement speed and gives 7+ damage for 26 seconds. Stacks 6 times. Level 4: Heals the Sludge for 25 health, slightly increases its movement speed and gives 10+ damage for 30 seconds. Stacks 7 times. A hero is like 2-3 creeps. The Sludge should grow each time it kills and shrink when the time is gone.

Mutate (Melee Range):
Target Enemy mutates. Deals damage over time and if the enemy die a Sludge will spawn from its corpse. If target enemy is a hero it will spawn a lot of tentacles out on hes body that start attack him. (Short cooldown and short manacost) Level 1: Minor sludge, 5 damage sec for 10 seconds. 10 damage each second for 7 seconds on heroes. Level 2: Lesser sludge, 8 damage sec for 10 seconds. 15 damage each second for 8 seconds on heroes.Level 1: Big sludge, 9 damage sec for 10 seconds. 20 damage each second for 9 seconds on heroes.
The minor sludges should have the ability to sacrifice them self and heal the hero.

Base Damage: 37
Dice Information etc: 2 Dices, 4 sides.
Other Features: Model: Sludge (Ofc :thup:), Background History:
Long time ago in an Ancient Moon well, a great war was once fighted. In the battle, a great demon falled into the poll, poisoned it. Now, after thousands of years a ritual was created and the sludge was born. Ancient, poisoned and deadly.

That was fun :D


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Thanks to both of you, I love the Slum idea, where as Infinitegde, thanks for the screenshots, and a copy of the map wont be necessary at the moment, but if I do arise to the point where I need it, I'll ask!


Hero Name: Clunky the Wall

Base Health: 200 HP
Base Strength: 14
Base Agility: 10
Base Intellect: 7

+Strength per level: 3
+Agility per level: 2
+Intelligence per level: 1

Beginner Abilities:
-Defensive Poise: Decreases damage taken by x%, and decreases damage dealt by Clunky by x%.
-Meat Shield: Clunky ties his health to a unit for a duration. When the unit takes damage, Clunky recieves it instead.
-Aura of the Wall: Slows movement speed of nearby units by x%.

Ultimate Ability:
-Barricade: Clunky multiplies, ordering his clones to form a circle and hold position around targetted area. Clunky and clones are invulnerable for X duration, upon which the clones are despawned.


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Thanks for your contribution. +rep. Edit: Can't give at the moment, give out too much, I'll give when I can.


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Hero Name: Eleria the Goddess of Enchanting
Base Health:175
Base Strength:16
Base Agility:19
Base Intelligence:24
+Stength Per Level:2.10
+Agility Per level:1.70
+Intelligence Per Level:3.10
Beginner Abilities:
- Crippling Love(Passive): Eleria charms any unit that attacks her, reducing its damage by 10/15/20/30% for 10 seconds
- Love Control: Eleria takes control of a target enemy unit for 7/9/11/13 seconds using her charm
- Goddess's Missile: Eleria sends a powerful goddess enchanted missile that deals 80/145/220/270 and makes the unit more vulnerable -3/4/5/6 armor for 6 seconds
Ultimate Ability:
-Goddess's Love(Passive): Eleria's attacks now have a 10-20-30% chance to turn the attacked unit to her side, and she reduces the armor of any attacked unit by 6-7-8 for 10 seconds
Base Damage:7
Dice Information etc:
Other Features:She cannot be charmed, or controlled by an opponent
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