(How to) Host a dedicated server in Battlefield 2

Discussion in 'Battlefield Support' started by Rad, Jul 25, 2006.

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    Making this because me and 2 of my friends struggled for about an hour last night trying to find how to host a mod we downloaded as there were no servers for it, we googled a few times and it took us WAY to long to find information. We had to look through a few pages and put the pieces together, so maybe this will help someone in the future

    Step 1: To start up a server you should have the Dedicated Server Launcher in your start/programs/battlefield 2 folder, it has an icon of a rocket. You should make a new profile and choose all your options. All the ratio's arent exactly ratios, the bot ratio is the amount of bots on the opposing team (mec/china), having 150 with 15 bots would be (usa)5v10(mec/china). You should also check "Internet" if playing on internet, obviously

    Step 2: There are 2 tabs at the top, click the map settings and you can pick your maps that will be in rotation. Note the map size will be based on the max players you have set (16=small, 32=medium, 64=large) and some maps (Like wake island) do not support smaller versions. If you are using a mod, then click the top left button that has a drop down menu and default says "Bf2". Since almost every mod I have seen automatically installs to its place, this should have yours listed (if not restart the launcher and check). Then you can choose from the maps that mod has.

    Step 3: To launch your server, first click "Save" at the bottom (after making a new profile), and then click Start. Wait for it to load, and if you have friends like I did get your REAL IP here and copy paste that for them, theres a "connect to IP" button on multiplayer menu. It should launch and start loading, and say your mod name etc in the top. To close the server click "Quit" on your standalone launcher, or just kill the DOS window.

    TIP: To host a mod with a different map you can select the maps with the editor, click Save, then edit your mod in your *MyDocuments\Battlefield 2\Server Configs\*ModName.txt, its at or near the very bottom and should say "bf2" to the right, just change that to your mods folder name in *Bf2Directory\Mods

    Make sure to forward ports and disable firewalls before hosting
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    Good steps, although I had to download the dedicated server app... I don't know if you did.

    Thanks again.
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    Small question: should I write my real IP to server IP string ?

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