Tutorial Installing Apache HTTP Server on WIN32


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Installing Apache Web Server on a WIN32 System
Written by DDRtists for TheHelper.net

Software Site: http://httpd.apache.org/

What is Apache?
Apache is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, webserver software. It is free from http://apache.org.

First off, this tutorial is for a Win32 system only, Linux and other OS systems are a bit harder to install on.

Step 1 - Downloading:

First off, we need to download the software package from http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi. At the time of writing this, the current version is "2.2.4". The package you'll want to snag is "Win32 Binary (MSI Installer)". Pick a mirror, and download it.

Step 2 - Installing:

Once downloaded, run the MSI file that you've just downloaded, you should see something like:

Click "Next >", and agree to the Terms of Service thing, and also hit "Next >" on the page that comes after the ToS. That page is just about what Apache is, and what it can do.

Now you will be on a page such as this:

This is your first configuration page.

Network Domain: Name of the site you want to host ( It doesn't have to be only for that site )
Server Name: ( Name of the server )
Administrator's Email Address: ( Your email Address )
Install Apache For:
Choose Port 80* if you want it for a public server.
Choose Port 8080* if you are using it for a private test server.

After choosing the options here, hit "Next >" and choose "Typical" as the install type, and then hit "Next >" and choose where to install to.

I will be installing to "C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\".
You will then see this screen:

Click "Install".

After it finishes, hopefully you see this:

If not, post here and I'll try to help.

If you do see that, congratulations. You now have apache installed on your computer. :)
Goto http://localhost to test

*You will need to forward the port, if you want other people to be able to connect if you are behind a router. You will also need to allow it if you have a firewall.


aye, it's pretty easy to install apache, but for the people that have never worked with it, I hope this helps. :)


I can compliment with a PHP or MySQL guide, did you intend to write that?


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If you need it all, preferably the "for dummies" version, try something like Wamp5.
Installs Apache, PHP and MySQL in one go.

> Linux ... a bit harder to install on.

That's debatable :p


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You can use WAMP, but I prefer XAMPP I'm using that at the moment.


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XAMMP is also full of bugs, and is not really safe for public servers.

It's more of a local test setup.



The step by step install wizard is made to be idiot-proof... I don't think anyone needs a guide for that part.

However, troubleshooting setting up the service, setting up your site within apache (htdocs), editing the httpd.conf file... those would be very helpful!



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Most things are for abyss x2 too - it also costs money.
Which I never paid :p

Only problem I fins with Abyss though, is that after making a cookie, you see this page with "Object Moved".. Can't seem to get rid of it..

Got any ideas? Or do I have to run my scripts on my domain instead of server?


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Dude, even if I'm from another community regarding webservers, Abyss is well known. Maybe you haven't heard of it, but it is well known.


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I'm just saying that just because he has never heard of it, it can still be common! I never said it was good, even if I do think it is.


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I'm just saying that just because he has never heard of it, it can still be common! I never said it was good, even if I do think it is.
You didn't provide anything that undermines your opinion, nor did you answer any of the questions I raised.

To get this thread back on topic:

The Windows folks can consider using a fancy GUI for configuring their server. Here some links to (commercial) software, which promise to simply the administration tasks (at least for the core modules):
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