Is there something wrong with this...?


You can change this now in User CP.
...or is NewGen screwing up for no reason?

function DoAlliance takes nothing returns nothing
	local integer i=0
	local player p
		set p=Player(i)
		if IsPlayerEnemy(p,Player(0)) then
			call SetPlayerAllianceStateBJ(p,Player(14),bj_ALLIANCE_ALLIED_VISION)
			call SetPlayerAllianceStateBJ(Player(14),p,bj_ALLIANCE_ALLIED_VISION)
			call SetPlayerAllianceStateBJ(p,Player(13),bj_ALLIANCE_UNALLIED)
			call SetPlayerAllianceStateBJ(Player(13),p,bj_ALLIANCE_UNALLIED)
			call SetPlayerAllianceStateBJ(p,Player(13),bj_ALLIANCE_ALLIED_VISION)
			call SetPlayerAllianceStateBJ(Player(13),p,bj_ALLIANCE_ALLIED_VISION)
			call SetPlayerAllianceStateBJ(p,Player(14),bj_ALLIANCE_UNALLIED)
			call SetPlayerAllianceStateBJ(Player(14),p,bj_ALLIANCE_UNALLIED)
		exitwhen i==11
		set i=i+1
	call SetPlayerAllianceStateBJ(Player(14),Player(13),bj_ALLIANCE_UNALLIED)
	call SetPlayerAllianceStateBJ(Player(13),Player(14),bj_ALLIANCE_UNALLIED)

//Adds all picked units to The White Hand unit group
function AddToGroupTWH takes nothing returns nothing
    if IsUnitType(GetEnumUnit(), UNIT_TYPE_HERO) == false then
        call GroupAddUnit(udg_Team1UG, GetEnumUnit())

//Adds all picked units to The Black Circle unit group
function AddToGroupTBC takes nothing returns nothing
    if IsUnitType(GetEnumUnit(), UNIT_TYPE_HERO) == false then
        call GroupAddUnit(udg_Team2UG, GetEnumUnit())

//Sets The White Hand to player 13 and changes its color
function WhiteHandConvert takes nothing returns nothing
    call SetUnitOwner(GetEnumUnit(), Player(13), false)
    if IsUnitType(GetEnumUnit(), UNIT_TYPE_HERO) == false then
        call SetUnitColor(GetEnumUnit(), PLAYER_COLOR_AQUA)

//Sets The Black Circle to player 14 and changes its color
function BlackCircleConvert takes nothing returns nothing
    call SetUnitOwner(GetEnumUnit(), Player(14), false)
    if IsUnitType(GetEnumUnit(), UNIT_TYPE_HERO) == false then
        call SetUnitColor(GetEnumUnit(), PLAYER_COLOR_BROWN)

function Trig_Initialization_Actions takes nothing returns nothing
    //Calls the functions that convert player 1 and player 6's spawned buildings to
    //neutral extra and neutral victim, also calls the functions that sets the alliance
    //settings of the forces
    set udg_Team1UG = CreateGroup()
    set udg_Team2UG = CreateGroup()
    call ForGroup( GetUnitsOfPlayerAll(Player(0)), function AddToGroupTWH)
    call ForGroup( GetUnitsOfPlayerAll(Player(6)), function AddToGroupTBC)
    call ForGroup(udg_Team1UG, function WhiteHandConvert)
    call ForGroup(udg_Team2UG, function BlackCircleConvert)
    set udg_Team1PG = GetPlayersAllies(Player(0))
    set udg_Team2PG = GetPlayersAllies(Player(6))
    call SetPlayerName(Player(13), "|cff2f4f4fThe White Hand|r")
    call SetPlayerName(Player(14), "|cff8b4513The Black Circle|r")
    call ForceAddPlayer(udg_Team1PG, Player(13))
    call ForceAddPlayer(udg_Team2PG, Player(14))
    call SetPlayerTeam(Player(13), 0)
    call SetPlayerTeam(Player(14), 6)
    call SetPlayerState(Player(13), PLAYER_STATE_ALLIED_VICTORY, 1)
    call SetPlayerState(Player(14), PLAYER_STATE_ALLIED_VICTORY, 1)
    call SetPlayerController(Player(13), MAP_CONTROL_COMPUTER)
    call SetPlayerController(Player(14), MAP_CONTROL_COMPUTER)
    call SetPlayerRacePreference(Player(14), RACE_PREF_HUMAN)
    call SetPlayerRacePreference(Player(14), RACE_PREF_UNDEAD)
    call EnableOcclusion(true)
    call GroupClear(udg_Team1UG)
    call GroupClear(udg_Team2UG)
    call ForceClear(udg_Team1PG)
    call ForceClear(udg_Team2PG)
    call DestroyGroup(udg_Team1UG)
    call DestroyGroup(udg_Team2UG)
    call DestroyForce(udg_Team1PG)
    call DestroyForce(udg_Team2PG)

function InitTrig_Initialization takes nothing returns nothing
    set gg_trg_Initialization = CreateTrigger(  )
    call TriggerRegisterTimerEventSingle( gg_trg_Initialization, 0.00 )
    call ExecuteFunc(DoAlliance)
    call TriggerAddAction( gg_trg_Initialization, function Trig_Initialization_Actions )

Edit: Looks like it's the DoAlliance function that's causing the problem. Because when I delete it, NewGen allows me to test map again. *figuring out problem

Edit: This is very strange. I removed the DoAlliance function and then put it back in, and this time, it tested fine, but it didn't work.


You can change this now in User CP.
Player 1 (and probably his allies) aren't allied with Neutral Victim.
I suspect the same with the other team and Neutral Extra. I'll test that now.

Edit: Maybe it's something wrong with NewGen. It's bugging out on me. Not even picking out obvious errors in coding. Redownloading it I guess.
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