Gaming Jail term for Nintendo pirate Gary Bowser was "unique opportunity" to set example, court documents reveal

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Court documents detailing the sentencing of Nintendo game pirate Gary Bowser have shed new light on how his 40-month sentence was designed to deter others from similar crimes.

Back in February, Bowser was told he would serve 40 months behind bars - more than three years - after pleading guilty to his part in the distribution and sale of piracy-enabling devices.

Now, newly-detailed documentation dug up by Axios and Kotaku has revealed how Nintendo's lawyers and US district judge Robert Lasnik discussed Bowser's jail time as a means to set an example - even as Bowser's own lawyers argued his physical health was at risk, and argued that Bowser had already spent 16 months locked up awaiting trial.

Bowser's lawyers noted how their client had lost 90 pounds while in prison as he had been unable to seek treatment for a leg condition which required regular treatment and had left him in a wheelchair.

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