Atari Jaguar Jumping At Shadows - Atari Jaguar Platform Game Tech Build 07-02-2022 - WIP

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Reboot is at it again this time with a Modern look retro platform game currently titled: Jumping at Shadows.

I personally have not seen an Atari Jaguar game with this look and feel - it really looks like one of the new
Modern Retro titles that you see on the Switch - a real different look for the Atari Jaguar but what I see so far,
I like. Reboot always has the attention to detail turned up and when its ready you can expect a polished and
professional game - I am sure of it. Check Out the current progress!

Reboot website

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The parallax scrolling on this game is amazing. I love the music too. The main character has a good look as well. I am liking just everything about this game the more I look at it and cannot wait to see MOAR!
Woah I'm not sure how I missed this! This looks awesome so far!
Woah I'm not sure how I missed this! This looks awesome so far!

Reboot is awesome. They have been putting out some solid stuff from the ST Ports to Last Strike plus all the help they give Phoboz on his stuff too. The Raptor and Jag Studio tools too!
Yeah they have put out a lot of great stuff. I got my Jaguar about a year ago and it was seeing the homebrew community that pushed me to get one. Although, I am still yet to pick up a homebrew game but will do it soon. There's definitely a lot I got to catch up on lol
The best looking games from Reboot and published by Atari Age from what I have seen are Last Strike and Gravitic Mines. The ones by Phoboz that look good are the Kings of Edom and the Asteroite or whatever and those are being published by Songbird.
April Update from Reboot on Game progress. I am loving the way this game takes advantage of the Parallax scrolling and the lighting effects. Just the whole atmosphere of this thing is just great, imho.

Level starts at 0:52.

New stuff: - Revamped Dash mechanics with visual feedback
- new tileset
- new backdrop
- 2 new robots: big "mech suit" (Big Sprite!) and "super bounce bot" (the 3rd new robot is not in the video)
- new laser trap
- more music and sound FX

- Current build has 12 levels playable

Atari Age Thread

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Here is the latest video posted up by Reboot - this one features Keys and Doors!

Here is the latest update to Jumping at Shadows for the Atari Jaguar from Reboot.

The AtariAge stand at PRGE will have a WIP 5 level playable demo of "Jumping at Shadows" for people to check out.
We will most likely also release this demo online as well during the show for anyone who can't attend in person.

This game reminds me alot of Micro Mages.

Latest update WIP video showing off the Level Selection Hub

A 4 level demo of Jumping at Shadows for the Atari Jaguar is available for GameDrive owners from the Reboot site

They are really going all out on this game as they do with all their titles so I cannot wait to see what is next!

Have you played the demo yet? I really enjoyed it! I'm definitely looking forward to buying the game when it comes out.
Not yet. CyranoJ from Reboot just recently made all the ST ports playable on the BPE emulator but I am not sure if that is the same for Jumping at Shadows. I still have all my Jaguar stuff but it is not currently hooked up. I would need to get one of those HDMI converters if I wanted to dust it off and play it on real hardware.
April 2023 Update Video! The lighting effects that the CRY video mode bring are awesome! Towers 2 Enhanced uses the CRY mode too!

This is the game that I most want to see on the Atari VCS. I am very excited that this might be possible. I hope Atari does not screw this up because it is a no-brainer. I cannot believe Atari has not tried to buy out Reboot. CyranoJ if you are out there I cannot wait to play this! I dearly hope that Atari embeds BigPEmu into the VCS so we can get Reboot games in our living rooms easy!
The fact that Atari has bought out Atari Age this makes me very hopeful that we will see this game on the Atari VCS and on the Jaguar close together! Now that Atari Age has the resources of Atari XP to do cartridges that is going to open up Jaguar and other older Atari cartridge formats up! The VCS needs BigPEmu baked into the Atari VCS Operating System if Atari had a clue!
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