Leaving the nuon world

Discussion in 'NUON-Dome General Discussion' started by ToshibaNuon, Aug 11, 2018.

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    after collecting for 6 years, making my own nuon website, and printing out old promotional advertising papers to get people on the bandwagon, I’m done.
    Not only has it been stressful, but I’ve gotten some mean comments.
    Just look at what some one called me on atariage.
    Anyways, thanks to all of you who have supported me.
    Special thanks to vm labs for making my childhood the way it was.
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    Don't see the comment of what someone called you over on Atariage. Guess I'll have to do a text search and find it.

    Retro game hobbyists can be a cruel lot. I mean technically we are people as collectors that are trying to get our hands on stuff which make us greedy by nature. I say greed in a good way strangely. If we did not have an interest in material things we would not be collectors.

    But with that come people in various states of maturity. Some who don't get what you have and say "Nice!!" We give our respect, and hope that one day we will find something as cool. It inspires us to keep looking and to know that item is out there.

    And then there are those who throw that envy into collecting. That envy comes with anger that they didn't get that thing you have (as an example) to wanting steal from you and so on. And some just lash out.

    I've had some lash out at me. Developers. And I sold all they made from my collection and at a very reasonable price to a friend. :D Very rare stuff... no longer wanted it.

    So I get your frustration. My frustration is loosing a Nuon fan. They are so few around here. I encourage you to take a breather, hang in there, f*ck that other guy, and be there for us. :D

    And you made a Nuon website? Want to see that and so far I only know of two maybe three locations... here, Atariage, and there was a Nuon forum that is only in the internet archives. Would love to see more Nuon material.

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