TD Lineage 2 Survival 1.1 (beta test)


Map Info:

Chose your hero and begin journey through Lineage style map. Fight against monsters, defeat epic bosses, defend your castle and cooperate with other players.
This is survival style map. You must pick one unique hero an must protect your castle from enemy waves (alone or with your friends). Game is designated to cooperative (Max and optimal 5 players), but you can play and win alone.
Main goal is survive to the higest number of wave and defeat the final boss.

Working and leakless timer system. (When you kill all monsters in current wave, game start timer and have some time to prepare yourself from next wave)
8 unique playable clases (Knight, Warrior, Enchanter, Rogue, Wizzard, Archer, Sumoner, Healer)
6 Different playable races ( all races have different race skill and race atribute which makes all characters unique)
Many Custom trigered spell (and many other spells wich working like original Lineage spells)
Player detection system ( make game harder for every player)
4 different game dificulties
Custom Inventory system
Custom Upgrade system
Weapon Improvement system (recipe system)
And many chalanging monsters waves awaits to you
Game difficulties:
Easy Mode: For newbie’s. Granting more starting resources, more hitpoints to your hero, free gold every 60 seconds and enable trade with your allies.
Normal Mode: For most players. This mod is the most balanced
Hard Mode: For Experienced players. No starting Resources, Heroes has 1/2 Hitpoints and Neutral monsters has Bonus Attack and Armor.
Hardcore Mode: For Most Experienced players. No revive for your hero. You hero can death only once per game (except when has SOR or Undying will)
Special Thanks:
The Map was made by me and Joe. But thanks to my testers : Pastier, Artemisko, Waterengel, Lucky225 and Udam. Also thanks to I learn many useful thing from this sites and many users are very helpful to me.
Autor note:
All sugestion are welcome. You can test map and write some feedback.
Anyway I still need some mapmaker because im not good in making terain. If you are intrested you can leave message here or private message.
Change Log:

Version 1.1 Patch notes

Class Changes:

Our main goal is to bring greater diversity to the game, different class gameplay and good balance. That's why we have introduced new class attribute and equip benefit system.

Class Attribute: (Passive attribute which is different for classes)
Knight – Magical herbs from monsters and heal herbs grant full HP/MP amount when used.
Warrior - Every time when used skill , heal for some amount depending on caster strength.
Enchanter – Has a 2,5% chance when attacked to transform enemy into frog.
Rogue – Has a 50% chance to gain additional bonus gold and 10% chance to gain bonus fame when kill enemy.
Archer– Has now extended attack range.
Summoner – Can care additional pet.
Wizzard- Has now Ranged AOE missile as a basic attack, which explode on impact.
Healer – When revive garant a full amount of mana.

Equip Mastery: (Passive attribute obtained from wearing correct equip type)
Knight – Sword/Axe – Grant life regeneration aura (7HP/sec)
Warrior – Axe/ Spear – Grant aditional armor when Warrior HP fall below 30%
Enchanter – Dual swords – Grant mana on kill (+20)
Rogue – Dager/Blades – Grant Bonus Evasion (+15%)
Archer – Bow/ Crossbow – Grant Bonus damage (+30%)
Summoner- Light Armor – Summon permanent indestructible cubic wich has a chance to attack nearby enemies.
Wizzard- Caster/Staff – Grant +40 point to primary attribute
Healer – Robe – Grant Spell Imunity

- Shadow Hide has reduced coldown by 40%.

- Heavy Arrow Rain has reduced mana cost on 4 and 5 level.
- Skill Impact Shot has been replaced with skill Confusion Decoy. This skill create ilusions of your hero with diferent amount of armor (depend on skill level). This ilusions make no damage to enemies but can attract the enemies by their attack
- Skill Summon Thunder Hawk has been replaced with skill Flash. Flash make hero untargetable and increase his movement speed for period of time.

- Basic wizzard attack do now AOE damage. It means , all missisles wich you fire explode on impact with enemy and this explosion do AOE damage to nearby enemies
- Skill Elemental Storm has been removed from the game in fact of AOE damage on basic attack, this skill was no longer efectivness.
- Skill Arcane Barier Has added to all wizzard class. This skill cast protecting barier, wich consume Mana points for all damage taken, and when wizzard are hit has a 10% chance to reflect incoming damage back to the attacker. Amount of reflected damage depends on wizzard inteligence.
- Elemental Stance has increased some amount of damage on 3,4 and 5 level.

- Melody aura now targets enemies too. Now increase friendly targets armor and decrease enemy targets armor.
- Skill Transform has been raplaced with Ultimate Oblivion. This skill cancel target enemies targets and make them unable to target anyone until the efect dissapeared.
- Mass Cripling attack now provide bonus damage when cast. Damage tepend on caster STR

- Giant favour has been replaced with Mass Fatal Sleep. Enemies around hero puts to sleep. When the enemies wakes up their movement speed are greatly decreased.

- Giants punch has been replaced with Mega Strikes. Each attack made is enhanced with your Force Energy. These Energy add a small amount of damage on the first attack, twice as much on the second attack, three times as much on the third attack, etc. If a unit dies while under this effect, it explode, causing significant damage to all nearby hostile units.
- Berserker Rage now can be activated manualy with no restrictions.

- Unfriendly summoning system has been permanently removed from the game. In fact of theese changes skill Soul reaper are no longer available for all summoner classes. Skill Sabertoth Cougar has been improved. Level 1 – Summon has Shadow Evade ability. Level 4 – Summons has Critical Shadow ability. Level 5 – Summons has Shadow Vampire abitlity.
- Summoner has new skill „Spirit of Nabiarov“ this skill alow to transform summoner into powerfull form which has increased armor and Hp. Also add AOE damage when transformed

Skill Enchanting System
Introducing new race skill enchanting system which alow you to create uniqe build for each class. Imagine Archer class has 4 different race = 4 different race skills. This race skills can be changed from 3 posiblities – 4x3 = 12 Different Archers.
All race skills now can be enchanted by Grand Magister Valeria or Seer Mekar.
- Race skill can be enchanted only once per game
- You can choose from 3 diferent enchant effects
- If you are enchant skill you havent any way to learn old one
- Enchanting cost gold and fame and is expensive for early game

New Armor and damage System:
We add new armor and damage clasification system to the game. All units has now own Armor and damage type. There is no change to weapons or armors. The only thing that changes are the natural resistance and weakness of concrete units.

Treasure Chest system:
We add new “hunting” system. This system spawn Treasure Chest at random game time at random map location( Map location isnt totally random, chest cant spawn in your castle or in locations wich canot be reached). When chest are spawned players have 60 seconds to kill it. If players kill it , chest drop items like a Raid bosses. If players didnt make it , Treasure chest teleport away from the map.
And remember heroes hasnt 100% security that chest drop luxury items. Sometimes are trap inside to chest wich damage heroes around chest.
When chest spawned, his life set to random amount between 500-10 000. In this fact , hunting of Treasure chest has random difficulty for each time when chest spawned.

Multiple Kill System:
Multiple kill system was added to the game. This system reward each player who kill more enemies with one shot / one skill. Reward has the form ofbonus Experience. More enemies killed in one shot = more bonus experience for killing hero unit.

Cursed Weapon System:
System inspired from original Cursed weapon from Lineage.
- Cursed Weapons has a new items added to the game
- Cursed Weapon can drop from all enemies ( Boss , champions, summons, regular enemies)
- Drop chance is very low – 0,4%
- Can drop only once per game
- Cursed Weapons have new classification – Relic and they can be stored in last three inventory slots ( in bags- common slots for potions, recipes, scrolls, etc...)
- If player pick Cursed Weapon they can not sell or drop this item
- Only one way it candrop is when hero die
- If hero wear Cursed weapon gets bonus attribute for every killed enemy with this weapon
- Each Cursed Weapon add different bonus attribute: Zariche = STR, Akamanah= AGI, Releth = INT
- Hero can use power of relic only when wear relic, if hero loose relic, loose bonus attribute too
- Capacity for bonus attribute came from relic are set to 400. It means when you kill 400 units with relic your bonus atribute will be 400, but when you kill 401 enemies your bonus attribute will be sitll 400.

Monster Left And Death penalty system:
- We add new function to the multiboard ,that allows players to see the number of current living enemy units
- We add new system of Extra enemies. This system now count players team deaths and for each death add some amount of extra enemy to the next incoming wave.
This counting is permanent , it means , when players have 3 team deaths (Death penalty - DP) , in each next incoming wave is number of enemies increased.
In easy mode 1 DP= Unavailable
In normal mode 1DP = 1 enemy
In hard Mode 1DP = 2 enemies
Extra Monsters are spawned in each lines, except when players play “-nosides” mode.
Therefore When players play hard mode and has 4DP in each next wave are spawned 24 extra enemies because 4DP x2Enemies x3lines = 24.
Thissystemdoes not include Champion waves and Boss waves.
Death penalty can be removed by 1 point in Clan Hall for 1700 gold and 10 Fame.
Other Changes

Command Next:
- We added new command to the game: „-next“
- All players can write „-next“ at any time of game
- When player write „-next“ all player can see system dialog message with information about next incoming wave (Number of wave, Name of monsters, Clasification of monsters if available, and all afixxes/skills)
- If player write this command in wave 1 he got information about wave 2, if in wave 2 got information about wave 3 etc...

Command tip:
- Players now can write „-tip“ for displaying random tip which can see at the start of game

Command commands:
- Players now can write „-commands“ for display list of available chat commands

Item changes:
- All spear AOE damage was decreased from 75% to 45%
- Twilight Assasin armor has now increased evasion from 5,5% to 10%
- HP –UP and Mana-UP special abilities has increased values:
HP-UP – Apocalypse increased from 490 to 780HP
HP-UP – Specter increased from 590 to 1560HP
HP-UP – Amaranthine increased from 790 to 3120HP
MP-UP – Apocalypse increased from 390 to 580MP
MP-UP – Specter increased from 490 to 1160MP
MP-UP – Amaranthine increased from 590 to 2320MP
- Hard armor Give 0 Moving speed (MS)
- Light armor give + 40 MS
- Robe armor give + 20 Ms

Minor Changes:
- Model of gold coins has been changed
- Radiant Heal and Harmony Buff now add some amount of score to multiboard when casted
- New Tips are added at start of the game
- Movement speed capacity was changed. Now is set to 475 from 400
- Annoying message “you have earn +1 fame from killing enemy forces” has been removed from the game. Fame earning system is whitout any changes.
- Survival effect – We add new visual effect when your hero has less than 30% of HP.


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