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So I have a lot of spare time lately and I've been writing this multiplayer RPG map for fun. It's basically at least 20 percent done.

The Story
The scourge are in the move and wars are brewing. The Goddess sent 4 slain warriors of the past in order to slay the source of the corruption. These 4 warriors will have its chance to prove themselves and redeem their souls.

Much like warchasers lol.

Terrain: 40%
Heroes: 0%
Scenarios: Level 2 done (not including the sea attack part)
Items/Item drops: 0%
Title: Undecided

I need suggestions on what I should do next. I find this map interesting. If you're interested, you may download the map and play with it up to Level 2.

NOTE: The map uploaded is old.

Some progress I made:



  • My New Map.w3x
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