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    Hi guys, its been a while since i last used the wc map editor. Ever since i stopped using it i've been watching an anime called Naruto(I hope most of you know this show) and i thought hey, why don't i make a Naruto Map on Wc.Well this thread is to ask some people(who have watched or seen Naruto before) to give me some ideas for the map.

    This will be my Layout
    -Ok at the start you will pick a village out of the 5 main Villages: Leaf, Mist, Sand, Cloud or Sound(Earth will be replaced with Sound).
    -Then u will choose your type of character(ninjustu user, Genjutsu User or Taijutsu User)
    -From levels 1-5 you will be an Academy Student
    -Levels 6-14 you will be a Genin
    -At level 15 you will get the chance to take the Chunin Exam(not sure how this will work yet)
    -If you fail the exam you will get another chance(the exams will run every 20mins, and will start as soon as some1 gets to lv15)
    -At level 20 you get the chance to take the Jounin Exam(same system as the Chunin exam but harder)
    -At level 25 you will become a Special Jounin(no exam required)
    -If you are the first person to reach level 30 you will become the kage of your town
    -If the kage is already selected then you must get to a higher level and kill the kage
    -There will be a mode called betrayal mode that allows you to kill players from your team, but then you will be treated like a crook
    -Not Sure if there will be an Akatsuki, but if there is then it won't be player based, it will be all AI(if i find some1 that can trigger an AI, cos i can't)
    -Havn't decided on if the Vaillages should be at war or not.

    Any Help or Ideas would be Great!

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    Do you have any of the look-alike Naruto models? If not, bad chance you will run into Ultimaaa because he has them.

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