Need Some Idea's For a New Orpg


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Don't need anymore quests! I have enough for now.

Hello, I am in need of some idea's for a medevil O(pen)rpg type map. I want this map to be very fun to play, and have as much replayability as possible. So I'm asking the community for advice, I have made rpg's in the past, but they wern't fun, and it wasn't very fun to keep playing one game after another. I want ideas for this map, to make the fun level at its max. What I want are things, like different system ideas, to make it funner, cool quest ideas, item ideas, dungeons, ect. Anything to please you! So here are some ideas I have already come up with:

-Random Eye Color (Different eye colors, give different bonuses, some are more rare than others, ie. Violet eyes are much more rare than brown eyes.)
-Fun Exciting Multi Task Quests.
-Good Descriptive tool-tips
-Nice Use of Color Codes
-Nice Eye Candy Custom Spells

As you can see, I only have a few ideas, and let me know what you think about them. But I want your things to make it fun. Right now, I'm not accepting item/spell ideas, only because I haven't started. But I also realize that items, and spell make up the game, so I will be accepting them later.

The type of map is a medevil type map, with no story. But it takes place in a land called Cintio, and starts in the small settlement of Erean. Item types will be Sword, Sheild, Armor, Cape, Boots, Gloves. In the land of Cintio, there have been a special few, who have discovered a magical energy within them. This energy was used in the ancient times, but very few still use it, as it has been long forgotten in the Lost Era. You are one of the few with the magical energy inside them, this magical energy is composed of Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Light, Dark, and Nature. There are also combinations of elements, such as Electricity could be a combination of Fire and Light, and Magma could be Fire and Earth. You learn new spells by reading ancient scrolls, sold by merchents, who don't know their power.

Quest Template:
Quest Name:
Quest Giver's Name:
Quest Description:
Quest Task 1st:
Quest Task 2nd:
Quest Task 3rd:
(You may add more if needed, or reduce if needed.)

Thanks, ideas I use will be given credit, and +rep. Also when giving Ideas please stat the name you want in the credits.


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3 quests and an idea

Idea for spells: Have the player identify the scroll before using. If they fail that check, give them a random crappy spell. If they do ok on it, give them a good spell. If they get the max possible, give them an ultimate.

Quest Name: Basic Training
Quest Giver's Name: Warrior
Quest Description: Kill some monsters to begin your training.
Quest Task 1st: Kill 10 Kobolds.
Quest Task 2nd: Kill 8 Spiders.
Quest Task 3rd: Kill 10 Trolls.

Quest Name: Advanced Training
Quest Giver's Name: Warrior
Quest Description: Now that you've learned how to kill monsters, I will teach you how to kill harder things
Quest Task 1st: Kill 4 Taskmasters.
Quest Task 2nd: Kill 4 Giant Spiders.
Quest Task 3rd: Kill 1 Troll Chieftain.

Quest Name: Learning your first Spell
Quest Giver's Name: Ancient One
Quest Description: Learn a spell from the merchant
Quest Task 1st: Learn 1 spell.
(This is a good one to repeat for stuff and repeat for leveling up the spells)

If you need any more help with this, feel free to PM me. I can give you a load code system if you need it, as my RPG is in the "Oh well..." bucket. Same goes for help with items and spells. If you decide to use these, refer to me as xXGauntletXx in the credits.


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Thank you for the response. I like the quests, but I will edit the monsters, and Quest Giver's Name, to somthing like Kaznar the Swordman, but the last quest doesn't quite fit the game. If I use them I will give credit and rep, but I was hoping for more indepth things like:
Quest Name: Deadly Message
Quest Giver's Name: Julion the Mesanger
Quest Description: Julion was walking to the Duke's Manor, when he was approtched by the Queen Spider. The queen knocked him to the ground, but he got up and sped out. But the letter was left behind. The spider got the letter stuck to its webs, now Julion wants you to retreive it.
Quest Task 1st: Slay the Queen Spider and get the message back
Quest Task 2nd: Talk to Julion (Who then quits his job, so you must deliver the message.)
Quest Task 3rd: Take the message to the Duke


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I was more providing examples of quest ideas that I had used in the past in my never-to-be finished rpg (it was 44 mb last time i checked :()


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44MB?! Thats huge! you can only play maps up to 4mb on, do you mean 44kb?
A dozen ideas

Try implementing Jobs. You can select a base hero like a Human, Orc, Undead or Night Elf Hero, and start off as peasants or commoners, then as you level up, you can select 'Jobs' for your Hero. Jobs give access to different abilities and takes Hero customization to a whole new level.

For example, if I'm controlling a Human, I can choose jobs like Warrior, Mage, Thief, Alchemist, Archer and Merchant (more if you like). If I'm using an Undead type, I can choose Devourer, Necromancer, Corpse Collector, Acolyte and more. For the Orcs, jobs like Gladiator, Shaman, Raider and Medicine Men would do. For Night Elves, Huntress and Druid would do.

Or if you are merely a Mage type hero in the map, then you can broaden your Hero's skills and power and move up to jobs like Cleric, Arcanist, Alchemist, Necromancer, Frost Adept, Flame Caller, Storm Caster and Sage, and more.
This is just an explanation, you can use it in your map.


Quest Name: The Black Harbinger
Quest Giver's Name: Arinath the Elder Sage
Quest Description: Arinath has a favor to ask of you. Recently, one of his highly-gifted apprentices, Ramseth, has turned his back on his master to complete a devious task. Arinath wants you to find this powerful mage in his lair, but be wary, demonic beasts lurk in the shadows. He wants his apprentice back for reprimand, and so he gives you a Halt Talisman. He says, "Upon injuring Ramseth, use this talisman on him to put his body and soul to sleep. Bring him back to me ALIVE. May the gods be with you."
Quest Task 1st: Destroy the 3 Seals that maintain the gate that leads to the inner areas of the lair.
Quest Task 2nd: Kill the Gargantuan Spider that blocks the main hall, where Ramseth is in.
Quest Task 3rd: Fight Ramseth, but do NOT kill him. Once his HP reaches 150 and below, use the Halt Talisman on him. Get near him to carry him up, but while carrying him, your movement speed is reduced.
Quest Task 4th: Bring Ramseth back to Arinath, and he'll give you a reward, and some words of wisdom.
Quest Name: The Heir of Arinath's Sagacity Part I
Quest Giver's Name: Arinath the Elder Sage
Quest Description: Arinath is now of old age, and he wants somebody to inherit his poweful sagacity skills before he passes away. He selects 3 candidates, including you and the now kind-hearted Ramseth and his brother, to participate in a contest. Once the number of contestants is trimmed down to 1, that only fighter will battle Arinath. If you defeat Arinath, he will offer you heavy training on the magical arts.
Quest Task 1st: Battle Royale. You and the other 2 candidates will fight each other. The more successful attacks you dish out, the higher your score. The contestant with the lowest score loses, whether he survives or dies in the fight.
Quest Task 2nd: Beast Gauntlet. Kill the most number of beasts within 1 minute. The contestant who kills the most beasts shall be the chosen opponent of Arinath.
Quest Task 3rd: Mage Duel! The last survivor must defeat Arinath in order to receive his special training.
Quest Name: The Heir of Arinath's Sagacity Part II
Quest Giver's Name: Arinath the Elder Sage
Quest Description: Arinath decides that you be trained hard. And so he will teach you lessons and put you into rather difficult tests of intellect and magical power. (mini games!)
Quest Task 1st: Obey the Master. When Arinath casts a spell, you must also cast the same spell. If you obey up to 50 commands then you gain access to the second level. The pace gets faster and faster as you obey more commands.
Quest Task 2nd: Quick-Killing. Waves of monsters will appear. The objective is to keep the number of monsters inside the arena up to 5, or else you'll fail. If you do this up to 1 minute, then you proceed to the next level, and you'll learn how to use the Spell Shield.
Quest Task 3rd: Survive! Use your Spell Shield to block the firebolts that will come at you. This spell requires proper timing. If you have survived within 2 minutes, then you win!
Quest Task 4th: Arinath will give you three ancient scrolls, 5 Halt Talismans and the Spirit Wave technique. Spirit Wave is an attribute-based spell conjures a beam of light that damages any enemy unit affected. As you become stronger, your Spirit Wave amplifies the attack damage based on your Intelligence attribute, making it more powerful.
Quest Name: Titania Alloy (Repeatable)
Quest Giver's Name: Koline the Metallicist
Quest Description: "If you haven't heard about me, I'm the best metallicist in town! I do everything from amalgamating metals to form new types, and making alloys. I've heard of the Titania Alloy, made from one of the strongest metals ever, and even flows with magic! If you give me the proper materials, chunks of Titania, then I'll make you one, and you might even ask Reeds to forge a weapon out of that alloy! By the way, if you give me plenty of Titania I'll make you more than one alloy! Deal!"
Quest Task 1st: Find the Helcinth Cave, which is filled with Titania ore inside.
Quest Task 2nd: Clear up all the monsters in the cave including Jakrunia, the boss monster which is a Demon Gargoyle.
Quest Task 3rd: Find as many Titania ore as you can. Do not worry, as you pick more and more Titania, it will stack in your inventory. Find a minimum of 10 Titania ore. 10 ore makes for one Titania Alloy.
Quest Task 4th: Go back to town and give the materials to Koline. He'll give you a Titania Alloy, or more if you have gathered lots of materials.
Quest Name: Titania Weaponry (Repeatable)
Quest Giver's Name: Reeds the Blacksmith
Quest Description: "Hi there! I'm Reeds, one of the smithing guys here. If you give me Titania Alloy then I might forge you a mighty weapon, from swords and bows and arrows to staves and daggers, and armor of course. You have to pay X gold for the labor fee, don't forget!"
Quest Task 1st: Give him Titania Alloy (or even two or three if you want him to forge a really powerful weapon)
Quest Task 2nd: Choose what kind of weapon you want to get (a Dialog Box will appear). Should it be a Sword, Shield, Staff, Boot or Glove. Depending on the weapon and the number of alloys, you have to wait for some time.
Quest Task 3rd: Once he's finished with the weaponry/armor, he gives you a finished product!
wew! I hope you like these:thup:


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Very nice ideas ! :)
I am also working on an RPG at the moment and very nice to get some inspiration!
Everything is still on paper though, but this is ecsactly the kind of inspiration I need as I have got stuck on coming up with quests, hehe.

Keep em coming !


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>jonadrian619 Wow great ideas, I like the job ideas, but there is only humans in this game. And I like the quest ideas also! +rep I will be using those.

>Funky_Luffe Not to be rude or a hog, but these ideas are for my upcoming map...


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You need Hexcodes? I can provide them, simply state what colours you need and I'll get it for you straight away ;)


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Quest Name: A rival unmatched
Quest Giver's Name: Grimbeard the Old
Quest Description: Grimbeard the Old, a old and scruffy looking heretic who lives just outside Erean, wants you to sabotage the magical rituals of his rival: Embert the Fiery. Both heretics are beginning magicians and have been fighting over who's the best one for several decennia. By putting your aid to good use, he hopes to end this quarrel for once and for all.
Quest Task 1st: Locate Embert the Fiery's hut, somewhere outside Erean.
Quest Task 2nd: During nighttime, return to the hut and steal a sample of the magic potion Embert is brewing in the kettle in front of his hut.
Quest Task 3rd: During nighttime, after taking the potion sample, destroy the kettle.
Quest Task 4th: Return the sample to Grimbeard the Old.
Note: Doing this quest unables you to do "A push in the right direction".

Quest Name: A push in the right direction
Quest Giver's Name: Embert the Fiery
Quest Description: Embert the Fiery, a old and scruffy looking heretic who lives just outside Erean, wants you to sabotage the magical rituals of his rival: Grimbeard the Old. Both heretics are beginning magicians and have been fighting over who's the best one for several decennia. By putting your aid to good use, he hopes to end this quarrel for once and for all.
Quest Task 1st: Locate Grimbeard the Olds hut, somewhere outside Erean.
Quest Task 2nd: During nighttime, return to the hut and break Grimbeards staff, which will be lying outside.
Quest Task 3rd: During nighttime, use a weapon on the rocks just east of Grimbeards hut to create a spark which will light the heretics wooden home and burn his possessions.
Quest Task 4th: Return the sample to Embert the Fiery.
Note: Doing this quest unables you to do "A rival unmatched".

Quest Name: Adorable yet Abominable
Quest Giver's Name: Nox'Patis
Quest Description: The necromancer Nox'Patis, who currently resides in Erean, has lost his pet abomination Gruubus. While he was walking through the forest, his strange pet suddently ran off and never returned. He wants you to find and return his precious. He may not be as coorporative as you would hope. If he causes any trouble, just hit him a couple of times to make him listen.
Quest Task 1st: Search and find Gruubus. The abomination can be found on the cemetary slightly south of Erean.
Quest Task 2nd: Gruubus will be digging up corpses and feasting on them, and will thus not listen to you. Use force attack on the abomination to start a fight with him and reduce his health to below 50%. He will then become allied again and listen for now.
Quest Task 3rd: Grab Gruubus' meathook and use it as a leash to slowly pull the large undead back to his master.


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Wow nice quests! I like the rival stuff, and the abominable. I also like how you read my first post, and made it based off of locations in Cintio, Erean and stuff. Abominable might be a little hard but I'll manage. But does anyone know how to make a quest system using GetLocalPlayer so that i can make people have seperate quests? that would be nice lol. I actually might be able to do that:
if GetLocalPlayer(GetTriggerPlayer()) then
Quest Stuff...
end if

That would work without desync right?
If you need more [del]quest ideas[/del], and better ones then please say so. I'll edit this post later w/ the ideas (I don't like to increase my post count:eek:)

Item Stacking System: It's common, but I think every ORPG needs one to save inventory space.

Equipment System: Make the Heros equip only one item of the same type (Sword, Shield, Cape, Gloves, Armor, etc.)

Paged Inventory System: Also make a paged inventory system, that would be cool.

Fullscreen Inventory: Yup.

Any of the above.

Here's a list of inventory systems in The Hive Workshop (though not all of them are approved resource, you could still try them, fullscreen inventory systems included as well.).

Injury System: Make a system to slow down injured units/Heroes and create a blood spawned effect to add to the game's realism and aesthetic. Once they've recovered, the injury effect is removed.

Stamina: Make a stamina system where in players Heroes have a stamina level (you can make Lumber the stamina level. This drains as you move. If it reaches 0, you'll move slow. Your stamina regenerates, but it regenerates faster if you stop and take a rest.

That's all about it. Send me a visitor message if in case you'll be needing quest ideas again.


Set Items: If you find all the needed items in a set, then you'll have additional bonuses!
Mercenaries: Uncontrollable NPCs who aid you in battle. They are heroes but they can't be selected by the player himself. Mercenaries level up with you, and you can even give them equipment and potions for them to use. Mercenaries can only gain their level and XP up to your Hero's current XP and level, so that they won't outrun you in power.
Special Scrolls that can only be used if you combine scrolls along with special items with legendary power, like Elixirs or gems.


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I don't need any more quest ideas for now. I need idea's on how to make it fun.


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-Spells learned from scrolls only dropped by certain monsters.

-Hard-to-get proper equipment. Most RPG's allow you to get some kind of invincible "ultimate" equipment in an hour. It sucks.

-Things unique for certain classes, and missions for which certain classes are required (to take at all, or require a partner who has that class)


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Thanks. I like those ideas, but full screen inventories use trackables, and trackables aren't MPI.
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