Nuance 0.5.0 Source and VM Labs Authentication Tools

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From my understanding, the Nuance 0.5.0 Source was placed online by DSI back in January 2008 after developer Mike "Riff" Perry passed away. Unfortunately, the 0.5.1 source, which would have been the most recent, was lost.

As for the VM Labs Authentication tools, the binaries and source code appear to have been leaked around October 2007. There was alot of talk about how they only ran under old versions of Red Hat Linux, and there was talk of porting them to Windows and people trying to use them 'as is' for authenticating homebrew.

Does anyone know if there was any more development progress on either of these projects after that point? I have been hunting around online, and I am drawing a blank. Admittedly, I am late to the party, as I only got my DVD-N2000 via Goodwill a month ago.


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Well as for the authentication tools,
they do not work properly on a modern linux distro.
The reason for that is because when i use the password provided in the DOC file, it does not work at all. (says passphrase is invalid or something like that)
That or gnupg works best if i run it on an old Ret hat distro from 2001, which i haven't tried yet.
Not too motivated because i don't actually own a NUON (they are very hard to find) and the emulator is subpar.
Also the emulator's source code is windows only.
(though thankfully it does use OpenGL, i was thinking of building a version without debug symbols)

I couldn't manage to have John the ripper to recognize the key and brute force it.
Maybe i'll try that once i get my Ryzen desktop.
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