Poetry Contest 6!

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Happy[ExtremelyOverCommercializ ed]HolidaysEveryon
I will judge then.

Thank you =]

>I say Demon should be judge because he knows this topic, if i'm correct...

Elements is emotion in my opinion, so yes it is my realm :p

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Judging is typically first come, first serve. Spots fill up and then we've got a full bench.

In the terms of Miz/Demon, Tharius got it right; Miz has been a judge a couple of times, including just last contest. We try to give everyone a chance to do everything, so Miz's chance of "first come, first serve" is forfeit because he just got a judge seat last time. Demon [or anyone else who was not a judge last time] gets the real first shot at it if there's only one slot left, such as this case.

Demon's judge. Miz and Halahan can enter if they want. Next time, they gotta try to get it first. Same thing applies; If Demon wants to judge, then Halahan comes up saying he'd like to judge, Halahan gets it, Demon don't. All's fair.

Keep in mind; "Seth's opinion" is always "Whatever's the most fair".

Ninva - Your entry is entitled "The Peaceful Hermit"? You have a thread about a piece named that. I read your post and I want to clarify; They're not the same, right? Because if they are, that entry isn't allowed. We've said since... The beginning that we don't want to see work we've seen before.

Naturally, regardless of your answer, I'm going to go through your Peaceful Hermit thread and varify they're not the same, but I'm giving you a) the benefit of the doubt and b) a chance to not lie to me :)

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Awaitin Ninva's response. I skimmed through your Peaceful Hermit attachment. Didn't see the piece posted, but I still expect an answer anyway :)

Also, we already have 7 contestants. If that turns into 7 entries, we'll need another 3 to do 1rst, 2nd and 3rd awards again. Otherwise, there'll only be Tharius' gold to compete for! :eek: :rolleyes:


In the Shadows, Lurking.
The Elements

The power of fire, a fearsome sight
The power of earth, full of might
The power of wind, a frightful blow
The power of water, a continous flow

What makes the elements, the great creation?
Its shape, its form, its invigoration?
Their strength? Their numbers? Their destructive song?
The warm, the cold, the fast, the strong?

Take example, the flames of fire!
it's hatred and fierceness, tends to inspire...
...fear and death, into the minds of beasts
It gorges on life, on trees, a feast!

But what if water came to the fray?
It quenches, it blesses everything that day!
Its beauty and harmony, opposing heat
But is just as lethal like a knife through meat.

Yet earth absorbs water's very essence!
Erases the fact of its existing presence
Its natural strength, and upon it lay
The beasts, the wild, that sing today!

The calming wind, we must not forget!
Its anger as harsh, as fire when met
Its destructive power can tear the very ground
But can be silent as if nothing's around.

Perhaps no words can describe such a thing
Its presence, its job, allows us to sing
Our very existence proves that fact
The elements have made an eternal pact.



Well I picked a element of nature...
As in this I picked rain
What I am mainly saying here explaining the sound of rain and that it brings hope to farmers etc.

Sadness of the shredded tears,
Among the falling heavens.

Hitting the ground,
As if a drum,
And with this Silentness,
Of this one last song.

Brings hope to what is to come…

Enjoy :p


Анна Ахматова
Awaitin Ninva's response. I skimmed through your Peaceful Hermit attachment. Didn't see the piece posted, but I still expect an answer anyway :)
Nope, the poem isn't in any chapter, but I plan to have something like my poem in that last chapter (seeming that the character "writes" the poem Peaceful Hermit), but most likely it'll be just another completely different poem titled "Peaceful Hermit". :)


"I give em the hip then I take it away"-Jim Thorpe
The elements of ancient

He grasped two twigs tightly, each in one clenched fist,
Curiously, he took the two and rubbed them ‘till they hissed.
And not soon after, to his amaze, appeared a small grey mist.
Then came red and orange, as they jump, and slide, and twist.

He walks down a sloping path and hears a soft, strange sound.
The flowing noise seems to rise as he travels on the ground.
Then he glimpses a bumpy blue, shining as it’s forward bound.
So he reaches down and feels the mighty river found.

Now he keeps going on to see if there is more to find.
He feels a leaf tickle his face, and sees some others wind.
It must be magic! These things are floating!, he thinks in his mind,
But soon he discovers the force that he feels is the air on flowing lines.

Amazed, he stands looking around having discovered all that,
And trying to discover another thing, he remembers where he’s at.
He looks down and recalls he’s been walking on something flat.
Looking ahead he sees massive amounts of what never seems to pass.

Four wonders control natures being, that was his realization.
Then he thanked the heavens for this inspiring creation.
And as time passed, and aging brought its deadly devastation,
Four things remained, the elements of ancient.​

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you mean, after this PC are awards are taken away and passed to som1 else? So we cant stack awards? This is madness!!!! (unless its not true)
No, they stack. I'm just saying, that's what you're aiming for. The same thing he's got. He's mocking you all, MUAHAHAHA and stuff.

Nope, the poem isn't in any chapter, but I plan to have something like my poem in that last chapter (seeming that the character "writes" the poem Peaceful Hermit), but most likely it'll be just another completely different poem titled "Peaceful Hermit". :)
Considering you haven't written it yet, I'd say that's fine.


Happy[ExtremelyOverCommercializ ed]HolidaysEveryon

k well I will start my grading the few entries that are in so far, that way I can get everything to you Seth hopefully when the contest is over :p

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We have 4 entries and the promise of 6 more! If everyone enters in time, we'll have our second contest of 1rst, 2nd and 3rd awards! Woot! But let's get even more! ^.^


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I have a question. Can I do a poem like Elements of Life / love / hate etc.? I know you said I can understand it however I want, but I'm just double checking something like that would be ok, and not something regarding only fire / water / earth / wind. :)


Happy[ExtremelyOverCommercializ ed]HolidaysEveryon
Elements is whatever you consider it to be, so yes it should be valid

Seth slap me if I'm wrong :p

DM Cross

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To quote a good writer...

"a component or constituent of a whole or one of the parts into which a whole may be resolved by analysis: Bricks and mortar are elements of every masonry wall." - dictionary.com
So... There you go o_O

Perhaps in the future we should think of these understanding issues and prepare for them before creating the thread for the PC o_O


Occasionally Around
The point of the topic was to be purposely vague, so that the burden lay upon the writer to show, through their poem, how exactly they interpreted the topic. I had hoped that by allowing for a much broader interpretation than the previous contests, the poems would show somewhat more variety and creativity, and that the poems themselves would demonstrate how exactly the writer interpreted "the elements".

This, by the way, is why I changed the wording on the first criterion to specify "clarity", and was also the reasoning behind this post.

It is not meant to be up to the writer to need to understand: rather, it is up to the writer to decide what they believe "the elements" encompasses, and to make other people understand their definition through their poem.


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Long ago, at the start of each day,
I would weave and wrap myself in a cloak
comprised of the four basic elements
and by this method I would find my path.

Fire, ever craving of fuel, leads my moments but not my hours
catches the spark of a bright eye or warm heart,
and moves to take advantage of a feast.
Wind, the gentle caress of intuition, and it's gusts of warning
as from a warm breeze, I'd know to stay or to wander,
or from a rainstorms chill, I might know to turn back.
Water, a path for thought to follow, and a necessity of life
and of bathing, but a weight to carry. At times I would let it flow beneath me
and carry me away, that I might rest from its burden.
And Earth, my strongest sense, the old support and gentle texture beneath my feet,
and a dried dust, covering my brow and cheeks, seeping
into my vision by night, as I close my eyes.

Lately, it seems that my step is off,
As a warm current carries me
to a cold place, where my fire fails to spark
And the dust on my nose is
whisked away by a change in the wind
A mild drizzle leaves puddles to my step
and I do not liken to their chill.


Because none of us are as cruel as all of us.
If I can enter, I'll type a quick poem now. First time entering :p Do I have to explain it?

A dark path lays ahead.
Run away, from death.
They come after the stain,
Stain of blood.
Trapped in a three sided box.
You wait painfully and recall.
The face of family
Cold and lonely, wish to have done better.
Oh here they come,
They are dead inside
Like a carcass from another night
Get ready for the time
To die painfully, Or swiftly?
Suicide is a finger away, yet so is a chance.
Under pressure.
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