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    Xeno Yoxa

    This map is going to be similiar to a parasite map like in Warcraft 3 or Starcraft 2 only it will be better. I intend to update it as often as possible... my main focus will be do the data aspect of it. btw it is a deception map where 1 human is given the ability to infect and infest the rest of the players... and becomes an alien and has to kill the other humans/infect... aka kill in alien form...

    Starting Units for ALL HUMANS INCLUDING THE Alien known as Xeno Yoxa will be the following:

    Hacker: he can both unlock/lock doors and also make buildings auto-attack enemies nearby when they are in alien form.
    Miner: this unit can mine a little quicker than the others even without its summoning the Neo Miner... (its a mule so im sure you can guess the miner's unit idenity) the Neo Miner can do everything Miner can do and then some... except its life is half of Miner and also it has a special spell that Miner don't have.
    Medic: TBD for now.
    Berserker: Spell #1 he can use a stimpack in order to gain 1.3 times attack speed and movement speed... Spell 2 slows unit down but gives him more resistance to damage aka it gives him more armor oh and did i mention he becomes vulnerable to air now. when both spells used on same unit it burns and takes out 35% of targeted units hp.
    Veteran: Spell 1: Cloaks unit and increases Attack Speed and Movement speed by 1.1 Spell 2: A Paralyzing stun bomb which leeches away at a units' life that it hits.

    Xeno Yoxa The Demonic Alien and the first form he starts as: Scantipede but here are what it evolves into

    Archon: A strategic version of the alien...
    Infestor: a Leech form of the alien...
    Lurker: An Endurance form of the alien...

    Note* i intend to reveal what these units are like but i don't want to reveal too much yet.
    2nd note* Xeno Yoxa sounds better than Xeno Scum that's why its called that and i just wanted to represent my map so thats why i choose this name.
    Final Note* i will be honest with you... i need someone who is advanced or expert at the trigger editor.

    This map is the only one i intend to make.

    As for how its played?

    you start in random spots... and the first objective for humans is to get the gene analyzer up to snuff but its broken and it needs repair kits to heal... as for the other buildings they are online but if you damage one to death it will go offline for 5 minutes. the gene analyzer isn't so simple. unlike regular parasite there will be no planet... instead there will be one huge station... connected to a Mining platform but like parasite the goal is mostly the same... kill the alien before it kills you... but be careful who you kill just as much as you be careful who you don't kill...

    if your human here's ways to tell between the alien and humans: Alien doesn't like to get scanned and also tries to sabotage human players anyway it knows how... such as, killing a building... setting the omegalisk free from the zoo... (yes i said omegalisk hahahaha) also if you see a human transform its also a duh... or if your never around that will be considered an alien's act. however the alien can bring players to his side by killing them in alien form... so watch out there may be more than one Alien if you aren't paying attention or w/e. the objective of alien is to have no opposition left.

    *EXTRA FINAL NOTE: i will be adding 3 more special chars
    one is for humans (Mech char) (10-12 player game option it is auto on if the one below is on...)
    one is for aliens (Xeno Yoxa's little helper) (10-12 player option which is on auto if the top one is on...)
    ???: (this char won't be available at first... but it will auto be on if 12 players are on...
    As other 3 players will likely be used for something else...
    one for Alien Team, One is available for the ??? team which i call it that cause i won't reveal its name yet. and one for the buildings... possibly considering they will be able to shoot all aliens...

    IF You'd like to help let me know i need either a triggerer or someone who can give me steps to make this map possible... I intend to pretty much everything except triggers... as i am unable to do so for the most part anyways
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    This looks good :)

    I really like the concept of deception, especially if executed well.

    I wish I had the time to help you out but I don't have the time except some limited time to help you with any questions you might have here on the SC2 editor help forums.
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    k i did find someone (whether or not it they will help me till its finished i don't know but i'll hope for it.)
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    Not to be pushy, but do you have any idea how long it will take? I've been itching to play more parasite for years, and I know I'm not alone.

    Don't ever feel discouraged that nobody cares to play it. Keep up an update list so we can see your progress.

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