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    This is an archive of a Blizzard Support post on the proper port settings and link to help with proxies and

    Subject: Definitive Fix for many crashes
    From: EdwardH
    Date: Fri Jul 5 16:41:24

    On Fri Jul 5 15:35:20, AegisZero wrote:
    > I was having many problems with crashing in, until I
    > read an earlier post and messed around with firewall settings. If other people are having crashes upon entering battlenet, it could be because your firewall is blocking the port that is being used by war3. To resolve this, either open up port 6112 using your advanced settings for your firewall, or as in my case if you have free zonealarm, just shut it down when you play.

    > I hope this helps ya'll out, and Blizzard, you might want to add
    > to the blurb on your tech support website about trying to shut
    > the firewall before playing on bnet, because I figure that a lot
    > people are having the same port being blocked by their free
    > firewall (ie zonealarm)

    Blizzard does not support proxies (Internet connection sharing),
    firewalls, or routers. The settings provided are suggested settings only. You may need to contact your ISP or network administrator for assistance if you have opened the correct ports but still cannot connect or get others connected to you.

    Here are some common questions and answers regarding proxies, firewalls, and routers.

    What do I need to know about ports?
    Anytime your computer receives incoming data, it is sent to a
    "port". Your computer has many ports that can receive data,
    and different activities will utilize different ports.

    How are ports restricted when using a proxy, firewall, or router?
    Most proxy servers, firewalls, and other Internet connection
    sharing methods can restrict port access. Your configuration may be restricting packets from "unknown sources". In this case an
    "unknown source" would be defined as any IP address that
    you have not initiated the contact with. Once you contact the IP
    address, your proxy and/or firewall considers it "safe", or
    a "known source", since you initiated the contact. When you
    create a game on, other users need to be able to contact you in order to join. In other words, they need to be able to initiate the contact. This becomes the real problem if your
    connection is restricting them from contacting you.

    What ports need to be open?
    In order to connect to and allow others to connect to
    you, using any Blizzard Entertainment game, the following ports
    need to be opened:
    4000 UDP
    4000 TCP
    6112 up to 6119 UDP
    6112 up to 6119 TCP
    Some firewall programs have preset ports available in their
    configurations that are often necessary to be open. One in
    particular is a connection to your DNS server. This usually takes
    place on UDP port 53.

    Please go to this link for more information on how to open the
    appropriate ports for your proxy or firewall:

    What do I do if I am still having problems connecting using a
    firewall, router, or proxy?
    If you need further help configuring your firewall, router, or
    proxy you will need to contact the manufacturer for assistance.

    --Edward H.
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    I dont have a firewall and i still get the port 6112 stuff

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