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Ok, so here is my first serious attempt at a custom map. I came up with this idea after playing the 7 hr free trial for Sc2. Anyway, here are my ideas, please tell me what you think, I want as much input and ideas from the community as possible.

The title "scavenger TD" implies that you will in fact be scavenging parts to make different towers. I want to hear as many ideas for "parts" as possible, If its a good idea and I use it in my map, ill give you credit.

As for the map, I have created a rough idea of what I want it to look like. I am no good at terraining, all of my maps end up looking generic and boring so if you are good at terraining and want to be a part of this map, send me a message. But basically there will be creeps spawning at each of the 4 corners of the map, and moving towards the center. The scavenging areas will be 4 different themed areas (ideally each area will have different types of parts) split apart by the creep paths.

The Towers
The towers will all start off as simple attacking towers, the 3 I have come up with are arrow(piercing), cannon(siege), and magic(magic). I would like 2 more beginning towers if anyone has any suggestions (be unique unlike me).
I will begin working on a new post and compile all of the different towers and upgrades as people suggest them.

The Parts
Here is where I want the most input from the community, once I have a decided tower tech tree, I will begin designing the parts needed to make them.

I have organized all of the towers into a tier system, let me try to explain:
-The towers that your builder can build will cost a small amount of lumber (no gold) which you can use your builder to harvest.
-You can upgrade your towers abilities by scavenging parts in one of the 4 zones and place them in your towers inventory, once you have the required parts in the inventory, you will be able to upgrade your tower's abilities (I got this idea from YouTD).
-Each tier will require more parts (2 parts for tier 1, 3 for tier 2, 4 for tier 3, etc (up to tier 5).
- I would like each tower to have 2-3 upgrades, each upgrade further enhancing the tower's specific ability.

Here is an example:
The starting arrow tower can upgrade to poison arrows(which give a poison effect), or fire arrows (which grant bonus fire damage), or ice arrows(for a slowing effect).

Lets say you upgrade your arrow tower to ice arrows, after that, you can scavenge more parts and upgrade your tower to fire 2 arrows at once, which will slow multiple targets or you could upgrade it to a slow firing ice block arrows that will completely immobilize a target for "x" amount of seconds (great for boss levels).

Tower Levels
Now, aside from upgrading the individual abilities, you will also be able to increase your towers level (which increases various stats based on the tower type, (damage, range, etc.)) Levels do not carry over if you advance your tower's tier. (Yes I realize this means an insane amount of custom towers to be made)

More on tiers
The Tiers will be represented on the map by different gates which will open at certain levels (yet to be decided). Once the gates open, your builder will be able to explore those areas and find new and better parts to upgrade your towers with.

Special towers:
Now of course what would a TD be without the hard to achieve specialty towers. I am currently seeking new ideas for this. I was thinking along the lines of powerful hybrid towers, combining multiple elements and damage types.

I dont know how many levels there will be yet, but I do know that there will be an armor system that you can exploit by building towers with certain damage types.

well, I think that covers my summary, let me know what you think, If i left anything out I will edit it in later.

Even though this is my first map, I will be scripting all the systems and mechanics in JASS. I am a computer science major so I prefer this type of coding.

Also, Just quote me if you have any questions about my ideas


Gunnerkrigg Court
An Aura Tower, A Slowing Tower?

Perhaps a tower that has a small chance of spawning a "part" upon killing something?


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Tower Idea:
I did once upon a time create a TD with a tower which had the ability to raise a unit from corpse with phoenix fire (or just a ward:rolleyes:) the idea seems unique and was a good input to my map, I'm sure it'll be good in yours aswell ;)

And then I think an Upgrade for your towers damage, would be good for your map, If you only have 3 levels for your towers you wont be able to make the towers keep up with the increasing HP / Armor of the incoming creeps :p
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