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Okay, it's nowhere near done, I've figured out recently, but I would like to see people flesh out it's problems and mistakes. I realize that there are already some mistakes and such, but if you find something else that I don't post, or you know how to fix it, I would appreciate it. Also, any suggestions would be nice.

Problems Already Known:
-Aquadios, the Wave Former, is incomplete. Please don't pick him as a builder unless you're goofing off, because I haven't worked on his towers yet.
-Both Gadgeteer and Magmus have towers that were based on unit models before I knew I had to make them towers and convert them into unit models. I'm re-making ALL of them to be towers. :\
-The Leaderboard doesn't display creeps on map currently, and doesn't display Lives correctly. That's still being worked out, but if anyone knows how to remedy this problem, I would appreciate it.
-The Creeps and Bosses are not in the right order. I just send them out in the order that they appeared on the Unit palette. Sorry, but if anyone knows what a good order to send them out in would be, I would appreciate it!
-The auras don't work that appear on the "Egg", or non-attack, towers yet. I'd like it if anyone knew how to make the tower's auras affect the other, surrounding towers.
-Some towers can be build on the path. Please don't abuse this, I'm currently making them into towers, so they can only be built on the grass.
-There are certain codes for the testers to use to more efficiently flesh out the game. Some are most certainly bugged and will be removed when I release the game, but please note that you can use them if you want to (for testing purposes).

Suggested Testing:
-Test out how Magmus and Gadgeteer's towers do damage and how their abilities work. If they are imba, op, or too weak, tell me!
-If you see something that might look better visually or gameplay wise, suggest it!
-See if the gold count is enough, and if 25 lives is enough, or too much.
-Make any suggestions!

Would Appreciate:
-A Serpahim model. I want it to be angelic, as its name implies. The Hawk might just be a placeholder for now. I would put you in credits.
-Catching any glitches/bugs I missed. If I really didn't know them, I'll put you in credits on the site.
-When I release the v1.00, which will be after I feel it is set-up and ready to be tested in Custom Games on WC3, I would appreciate a rating and a review on the game. If it's a well-written review, I'll add it to the site. :D


(I realize it's a free site, and still not very organized, but it's just going to be for things like updates, links to downloads, and information on it, nothing big).

-flying (Spawns 5 Gargoyles at each Spawn; they don't progress correctly and will run amuck)
-land (Spawns 5 Acolytes at each Spawn; they should progress correctly, but it's not guaranteed)
-over9000 (adds 9001 gold to the typing player; is obviously just for goofing off/tower testing purposes, and will certainly ruin a serious test)

Helpful Hints:
-The Chain Lightning on the Seraphim is really sweet, but it's not too strong, so if you want to make it strong, put a few in one spot. It'll decimate flying forces. The Bash on the Olympian is still being toyed with.
-If you're low on gold to spend against flying units (considering there's only two levels of them so far), so you can't place several in one spot, then go for Magmus. The Phoenix has Phoenix Fire, which adds pretty much permanent Immolation and burns units. It's sweet as hell, but the cooldown on the Phoenix's attacks are 2.88, compared to the Seraphim's 1.00, so be wary. Another good aspect is the other Ultimate Tower's splash damage.
-If you're looking for balance, go for Aquadios when he's ready. He'll sport moderate damage with moderate speed, so you don't have to choose. Aquadios will have a Poison and Slowing tower, so where your Slow will not hit, Poison will take over.

Coming Soon:
-Zzulix The Chaotic: A Chaos Tower builder, who hits both land and air creeps. His Ultimate Towers will do Bash, and Damage over Time.
-Gol'Terra, the Earth Maker: An Earth Tower builder, who hits only land creeps. His Ultimate Towers do Poison and Chain damage.
-Whirlwind the Flier: An Air Tower builder, who hits only air creeps. His Ultimate Towers do Splash and Slowing.
-Seraf of the Light:A Light Tower builder, who hits both land and air creeps. Her Ultimate Towers will do Bash, and Damage over Time.



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Oh man, I realized two problems. Re-download it when I edit this post saying that I've fixed the map. Give me a minute..

EDIT: Fixed. Go ahead and do it now.

DOUBLE EDIT: The creeps don't have a gold bounty, yet, that's why the -over9000 code is in it. I don't want to assign values to creeps if I don't know the best order they would go in, but I'll go look into it now.. :\

TRIPLE EDIT: I devised a way to test the strength of the creeps and how to place them. I made a normal sized map, and placed one of each creep type, and one of each boss type, spaced out enough so that they wouldn't interfere, turned all of their movement and attacks off, and then placed one of the same type of tower next to each one. I then had a trigger so that the camera panned to a unit when it died, and so I just wrote down the order in which they died. I must say, I had it all backwards! Order (in which they died, first on top):

-Meat Tank
-Frost Wyrm
-Crypt Fiend
-Obsidian Statue
-Crypt Lord
-Death Knight

I'll get to work on adding gold bounties to the creeps and putting them in order right away! The map I used to test is in an attachment. If you see any errors in the way I did it, please point it out.

QUADRUPLE EDIT: I'm a bit tired, since it's 6:05 AM here (and I didn't sleep at all during the night), so I'm gonna go relax a bit. I'll likely fall asleep, and won't be on until about 3-5 PM PST (-8 GMT). Plus, my new Game Informer came in a couple of days ago, and I haven't had the time to read it. So, I'm off to relax and maybe fall asleep. If I don't fall asleep, then I'll be back somewhat soon.

WHATEVER-THE-MULTIPLE-OF-FIVE-IS EDIT: Hey, I'm back. I've put the creeps in order, and should be adding the gold bounty. I'll change the map to the new, updated version when I finish adding the gold bounty. :D


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