Weird Six cattle that died mysteriously in Texas had their tongues and anuses removed, authorities say

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The apparent mutilation was done with "precision" cuts, officials said.

Six cattle died mysteriously in Texas, with their tongues removed, the hide around one side of their mouths gone and no blood spilled, authorities said this week.

The cause of death for the six animals was unknown, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement Wednesday. As of Friday, there had been no updates in the case, a dispatcher said.

The cattle were found along Texas State Highway in three counties — Madison, Brazos and Robertson — with each animal part of a different herd and in a different pasture, the sheriff’s office said.

Five of the animals were adults, the sheriff’s office said. One was a yearling.

It wasn't immediately clear when they died. The sex of the animals wasn’t disclosed.

In two cases, the animals’ genitalia and anuses had been removed with a circular cut that the sheriff’s office said had been made with the “same precision as the cuts noted around the jaw lines of each cow.”

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