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Spiders Vs. Scorpions

Current Version : v1.5
A Tag-Like Survival Map by Sid

Note: This Map has practically come back to life from the dead and so have I from Warcraft 3 Mapping Scene. ;)

(It's kinda pointless listing changes, cause people would hardly remember last release)
- Buffed several abilities for both Spider Broodmother and Scorpions
- Fixed several typos in the tooltips.
- Removed Breeder as it's code would not function due to 1.24 Patch.
- Fixed as many leaks as possible. (Please don't flame me, I've forgotten the codes as to how to fix half of the leaks now)

Download Link - >> Click to Direct Download <<

Sid / Diabloist337 - The Creator of the Whole Map!
Sam - The Idea Guy, Who loves Sid-Bashing!
Falcon - The ultimate Map Tester... Nothing escapes his eyes!
Credits to 13lur for the concept.

About Map

The map was made in pretty short time, and the outcome was a good one. The map was inspired from Survival Maps like Vampirism or Tree Tag. However, even though this map is a survival map, it plays nothing like the Vampirism. Instead it is more like ' Sim Ant ' made by 13lur.

The map has two teams - Spiders and Scorpions. As regular, Spiders are the ones who make bases and Scorpions, spawning after a while, are set to destroy it.

The scorpions have a giant appearance, compared to a little spider. And they are quite powerful. No wonder that Spiders are scared of their natural hunter.

The scorpions rely on their senses to search out the spiders, to make the game realistic, the Villians were not added a Revealing ability like Far Sight. However, they have a skill that helps them.

Spider Compass
Being an Arachnid, Scorpion is familiar to Spiders moves and hiding tactics. Use this ability to locate Broodmothers around the map. Their location is shown in form of Ping on the Minimap. However. Scorpions sence the dead and alive Spiders alike, having pinged all of the Spider Broodmothers, even if they are dead.

The scorpions are not completely overpowered, though. Even if they are strong. They don't know how to tackle the Webs! Defeating scorpions will require a lot of patience and Tactics. Spiders have Soldier Spiders that are able to take care of Scorpions. And the Webs will considerably slow them down.

The base strategy for a Scorpions could be a not allowing the spiders to solidify the base. As Spiders have a delicate and highly mobile base, it could be wise to spread out in the begining and harrass the spiders at start. However, engaging in chase and killing them would be bad idea. As you kill a Spider Broodmother, it will revert to Potential Broodmother, which can revert back. Potential Broodmother cannot be attacked and hence the clever players will easily track your movements using them, making you in disadvantage.

Signal your allies, as often as you can about where to make next strike and what escape routes to block. As spiders are likely to have a lots of Webs surrounding the base and all the scorpions rushing blindly will be bad idea, as they all be slowed down, the spider will instantly convert the eggs into Essence, Grab as much as it can and run away, probably to a friend's base who's likely to have build much better fortifications.

Struggling to the Strong Egg Walls is worse than ever, Spiders will easily breed the soldiers concentrating the full breeding power and nothing's more dangerous to scorpions except the newly hatched the Soldiers.

Remember, when Soldiers attack, it's more likely to be a suicide, as retreating the soldiers will rather put spiders into disadvantage. It will consume their precious life essence at incredible rate as Soldiers require heavy food to keep them healthy.

Being the one who's hunted down, Spiders are forced to team up and set up the defensive positions. Here's a difference than others, the survivors start with a worker unit that builds, However, here, player starts with a Spider Broodmother (BM) that's a hero. And the base creation system being far different than any other survival map.

The Broodmother lays the eggs and has to hatch them. When eggs are hatched, different types of spiders are breeded and they work for Broodmother. Including Workers, Hatchers, Spinners and Soldiers.

The hatching system is difficult to understand at first. When you spawn an egg, it starts with Zero mana. The broodmother must use the Hatching Fluid Spray to spray over the eggs that replenish their mana, depending on how high the eggs are nourished, you can evolve it in different types of brood-lings.

Hatchlings are the low caste spiders, employed as Life Essence harvester, absorber and feeder. Hatchlings gain Life Essence as they kill enemies, and the Life Essence is used to feed other spiders like Soldiers. Have 10% chance to gather Life Essence upon killing a Feed Bug. Feed Bugs are located around the Bug Dens over the map.

Spinner is the spider that can spin webs. Though spinning a web takes much time, it is important to use Spinners cause your Queen is more important than anything. Spinners also spin the Nourishing webs that regenerate all spiders health, excluding Soldiers.

Hatchers are spiders which can spray Hatching Fluid on other spiders, like Queen and the Eggs. Set the Autocast on and the Hatcher will continuously spray the fluid on nearby units.

Low Caste Breeders
Low Caste breeders are employed as the breeders for Hatchlings. They periodically lay eggs that hatch into Hatchlings. These eggs have not need to be nourished by Hatchers or Broodmother. Hatchlings spawned are Auto Assigned to the Life Essence gathering Jobs.

The highest caste spiders below the Broodmother. Soldier Spiders have greatly developed Jaws and they are incredibly strong compared to other spiders. Soldiers have their Jaws developed in different manner that they cannot cannot eat raw food or convert raw food into Life Essence. Instead, Hatchlings or Broodmothers must feed them to keep them alive. Luckily with the unmatching strength, Soldiers can live much longer without food, giving Hatchlings enough time to gather up the fod for them. Soldiers, unlike other spiders, do not regenerate from Nourishing Webs built by the Spinners.

The Spider's basic strategy will be to keep the base constantly under the Webs. And surround the area with Webs, The Webs will slow down the scorpion and warn the Spiders of scorpion's intrusion. The terrain of the map provides many escape routes, so, if you are to slow down the incoming scorpions, it will buy you enough time to run and save your precious Broodmother.

Mostly, Scorpions will track you using their compass, and there will be Green flash as they do so. This can warn you a lot earlier as the scorpoions are most likely to strike at the most vulnerable spot.

When playing as Spiders, note that the tooltips provide a diverse information. Use it to your benefit, and Go!

Playing it Better
You must learn the advanced tactics like transferring the units and shared base building. Once you master this, you'll have no difficulty in troubling the Scorpions back and surviving longer.

To the Map Makers
Note that the map is 100% unprotected and can be opened with World Editor, The map's script is commented at required places and made easy to understand. Hopefully a newbie map maker (if there's still any) will find this map greatly helpful.
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