[Unsolved]Change the Doodad Footprint Type

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    I need a doodad's 5x5 footprint to block vision.

    I understand that there are other ways to do this, like use LOS blocking doodads underneath the doodad. I don't really feel this is very efficient with the amount of LOS blocking doodads I would need.

    Here is where I am so far, I am in the data editor, I have the doodad selected I need, the object explorer view is open and I have selected the doodad's footprint. I understand that I may need to dupicate the footprint so that other doodads that rely on this one are not effected. So, let's assume I have done that, from here:

    1-How do I change which footprint is assigned to the doodad? And,
    2-How do I alter the footprint to block LOS?

    Please be very specific if you can answer this. I have found a few other posts with a similar question and the answers have often been so general(like, "Just make the footprint block LOS...").

    I really appreciate any help I can get!!

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