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I'm wanting to write a thread in the Editor Forum but I'm having trouble with terminology so I thought I would firstly ask before I go ahead with making a difficult to understand forum.

I don't know what to call the animation of units that appears at the bottom of the screen. I'm talking about the Square area that depicts the units face/headshot. I keep wanting to call it an icon, but that is the units symbol when building units from a barracks etc. Its the little moving image of the unit that is in the bar with the mini-map and commands.

Please help!
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    Re: Taco Tuesday, if there were some way to share edible tacos over the internet, technology would be complete.
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    One can only wish!
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    I'm back from Taiwan
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    I am reorganizing the site I know nobody will notice but I am not done quite yet but the main forums order has been changed and there is a new news category in Other News which is all the remaining headline news stuff not categorized - Headline News is just the stuff that shows on the main page now and the news archive is off the main forums page
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    and the real archive lives off of headline news
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