War of Two Kingdoms

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    I have started a map about the war of 2 empires: Orc and Human.

    The game works like this:
    Map is very big, space for a lot of exploring and expansio, not to mention I added a dungeon, big forest, icy river, hell, and sunny forest. The forest has some random creeps that respawn every certain time. So the map will have some RPG characteristics.

    Each player controls a human hero or an orc hero. Each player has right to have one worker, that will have 2 roles: building basic defensive towers and being able to transport items for the heroes.

    The heroes are mostly not meant for assasination, but more for support. Assasin heroes have the power to make ppl leave :)

    In the blizzard area of the map, A special tower has been built, that will provide spells that can be thrown in huge range to damage enemies.

    I added as well a system that will increase the effectivity of most spells as intelligence grows.

    I plan on adding a random event system, like a tornado ever 10-20 minutes or an earthquake. As well a random mission of "kill hero X" sometimes, to add to the fun.

    I am still not asking for help but if you want to participate post here.

    90% of terrain (might change few details)
    10% units and spells

    Triggering is going along with spells and random event system will be implemented after first release.

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