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When Trauma Center: New Blood was released with the Nintendo Wii, gamers who were lucky enough to find the console were able to pretend to take part in complex "medical" procedures requiring fine motor control and a steady hand. While the missions in the game had only a passing resemblance to anything a real doctor would perform, many gamers wondered how they would fare in the real world. It turns out that, with a bit of additional training, they might do pretty well. At least one hospital is now using the Nintendo Wii to improve the hand-eye coordination of their surgeons and finding that the improvements seen in game-trained doctors are striking.

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i saw a news a year ago about medical surgery..

but it was xbox super monkey ball


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So nintendo bribed another bunch of people with doctorates in completely unrelated skills to advertise their products being healthy. This isn't news. Last year there was an unnamed driver who claimed that DS Eye Training caused him to improve 3 laps on Le Mans(24 racing event in europe) I called BS on that one and i will call BS on this one too.
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