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Greetings all,

Here is my very, very, very, beta TD. All the triggers seem to be working and I would like to thank everyone who helped me to get to where this map is now, your suggestions made things much easier and less time consuming then the way I would have tried and failed at. I have a massive amount of balancing to do as well as code the upgrade system, but this version allows you to build any tower in map and if you have the gold you can upgrade through all towers. There are only 6 waves as of now, until I get all the core triggers done. After that I will go back and add more levels and increase the speed of the creeps. So please keep in mind this version is solely for my testing purposes. I get a kick out of goofing off with it so far, and now that its playable I’d like to see any feedback ya’ll have.

Larger Map size for a TD at current speeds it does take a while if you let the creeps walk through to the end

Basic premise of the map:

My wife likes TD games so I’m making her this map

Final release contents: RED
Finished content: Black
In progress content: Blue

Unlimited waves:
Waves will Spawn in pre-designated waves until level <? >
Waves will switch over to a timed spawn till you run out of lives

Large Custom Creep Array - Later Timed waves randomly pick Creeps to spawn
Large Pathing and Mazing Map:
Complex path route allowing for greater tower placement options and play styles
Large open mazing arena completely build-able and customizable
Towers are attackable and gain HP with lvl block their path and watch the creeps fight their way through
Sacrifice System for gaining more Building area
Upgrade system:
Upgrades will be based off Wood bonuses granted during the game

Ground towers levels 1-10 <need balancing>
Air Towers levels 1-10 <need balancing>
Ground / Air towers levels 1-10 <need balancing>
Slow Tower levels 1-10 <need balancing>
Bonus towers 1-10 (incomplete missing range bonus still) <need balancing>

Heres my map
Click here and junk ver 0.004

map overview


Let the game begin...
Nice, only bugg I could find after 10 mins testing was that you gained alot more gold then you should when selling towers. For example when you sell the slow tower wich costs 30 gold you gain 100 gold^^ Othwerwise it's coming along real nice.


corrected I forgot to change the cost vs point value on selling the slow and bonus towers they will buy back for only 100% now. I also fixed the bonus tower it will upgrade to 10 now.

question: are you seeing a timer stay on the screen labled timed wave 1 that doesnt dissappear like the other timers do?

EDIT: now its fixed
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