Anime RPG Warcraft 3 - How do you make Hollow Ichigo?

Discussion in 'Warcraft General' started by Adterf, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. Adterf New Member

    Anyone know how to make Hollow Ichigo and wanna share it?
  2. Whoareyou. New Member

    Well, you need 6 items first, upgrade ur Armor, Shoes, and Sword to max [using teletubby items] Then you make the 60k stat gauntlets that is 2 sheep items + 4 animal items then wolf item then the tome from the T-Rex [Red] at top right then you need Tier 3 Projekt or Hiyori lvl 4000. When your done with this tell me and I'll post where you go.
  3. DemiDemon New Member

    u need those items and i think u need to be lvl 6k instead of 4k
    warning u cant save when ur lvl 6k untill you job change to hollow ichigo
    you can skip the lvl4k job change and go directly to lvl6k and job change hollow ichigo
  4. Whoareyou. New Member

    Oh yea, sorry mistype, Demi is right its 6k
  5. Leozinhow New Member

    Hey, how i get the 4th job in Anime RPG, i think its Hollow Ichigo...and i have already Tier 3 Project D. Now, how i get it?
    If someone can post the answer here, i'll be gratefully. :shades:
  6. Whoareyou. New Member

    Read top posts please, but If you still can't figure out, you need all 6 final items, and lvl 6000 [Cant Save] Final Sword, Armor, Boots [Created out of Teletubby items] then the Red Orb, Red Gloves, and the tome from the Red T-Rex then you make the FINAL Tome and you go to T2 ranking area and rank up
  7. Leozinhow New Member

    Thanks ! :shades:
  8. Whoareyou. New Member

    No problamo.
  9. H0w3r New Member

    yeah i have lvl 6k hyori and the gauntlet and max shoes armor sword but i dont know where to get that red orb you speak of from can anyone help please?
  10. H0w3r New Member

    Yes, a very fun game. I played for so long I found out ALMOST everything!

    Anyways, read this entire post before doing anything.

    T1 - Start character
    T2 - You need level 50 and the tome that orochimaru drops, then go into circle.
    T3 - You need level 4000 while having a T2 character. You need to have the black book that the big dinosaur[last boss] drops. Once you're level 4000 and you have a black book you go to either the volcano[for Hiyori] OR you can go to the Cathedral[Place above volcano] to get Project. IMO Project is way funner and stronger than Hiyori so I recommend going Project. Then you'll have T3.

    T4 - Is the hardest out of all of them and most time consuming. You need to level up to 6000[NOTE YOU CAN'T SAVE AT LEVEL 6000]. Once you get level 6k, you need to get the 60k Orb item. To make the 60k orb item you need the Frog Orb, the 1.5L orb from spiders, the gundam orb[lightning, and the Slow Orb from teletubby. Once you get those, type -create and you'll have the 60k item. Next what you need is Light gloves. To get that you need to get one wolf item, 10 DULL coins from the dinos, the 500 stat item[sheeps head]. In order to get the sheeps head, you need to get 5 orbs from the Frog, Raccoon, Rat, Rabbit, Chicken, and sheep. You can't tell the difference between them. Once you get them, type -create. Once you get a skull, go to the flying sheep and take his orb and type -create. You'll get the sheeps head. So now you'll have Sheeps head, Wolfy, 10 dull coins, and 60k item. Once you get those go to the last checkpoint with the voodoo lounge. Go west of the animal gate until you see a log and some trees. Theres a hidden old man there, walk to him and you'll get several different items. Type -create once you have the Moonlight item and the Rune icon item, WHILE having the 60k item. You should get powergloves. Now the last step is getting the black book ONCE again from the dino x.x. Once you get it you'll have the power gloves, and the 3 primary items[ upgraded gloves, boots, and armor ]. Type -create with the black book in your inventory and you'll get the kings book. Alright, head back to checkpoint 1 where you got T2. Go to the area past MB to the king[yellow guy] and the 2 blue dragons. Kill him and walk into his throne while being lvl 6k and having the king's book in your inventory. You should have hollow ichigo now.

    Thats all there is to the game. Hope I helped, if you got any questions ask :D

    BTW this is really time consuming. xD

    Now the only thing i didn't find out is what the girl at the bottom right of the map does :C.

    Anyways good luck mate ^^

    also a note, you can skip T3 and go directly to T4. But I prefer that you don't because project is loads of fun :)
  11. Frostfuse New Member

    The old man only gave me the moonlight item and not the rune icon item ?
  12. xmode New Member

    cause y didnt have 10 bronze medals which the the low lvl dinosaurs drop. When y have them go to the old man y will get the rune item. With the sheep, wolf, rune and moonlight item type -create and you will get the 30k stats gauntlets. Kapish?
  13. Frostfuse New Member

    Nothing happens when i give the medal to the old man
  14. Frostfuse New Member

    Nvm found it
  15. Frostfuse New Member

    Now i got the powerglove , 60k orb and the black book and the 3 primary items, when i type -create nothing happens ?
  16. eupheus New Member


    Can someone post the link to this rpg? I cant seem to find it and i want to try this rpg.
  17. xmode New Member

    well i had a similar problem you can check if your boots have a price- if they have its ok and the problem is somewhere else. if they dont than you accidently took the item that you need to upgrade the boots from the teletubby and left the item somewhere- that means you just have to make new boots
  18. Whoareyou. New Member

  19. LiLJamxD New Member

    lol i have kings book but im not lvl 6k and i need help lvling xD *facepalm* game name is same as this username soooooo ya any1 wanna help? cant lvl cuz no 60k and other stuff
  20. Whoareyou. New Member

    Uh... Just make game name Anime RPG!!! PLvlers Only
    Or something.

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