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Discussion in 'World Editor Help' started by Iruyun, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. Iruyun

    Iruyun Guest

    Hrm. Quick background... I just bought Frozen Throne expansion and I like it, especially the World Editors modifications. The thing is, as I started a new map, units that I set with the ability Inventory (Hero) do not have inventories!

    I tested, and Default Heroes do not have inventories either.

    What am I missing/doing wrong? How do I make a unit / hero / whatever have an inventory? :( :confused:

    BTW: I tried the search function, but it is apparently out of order.
  2. Mind

    Mind New Member

    Most probably, in my insight, the units you gave the "Inventory (Hero)" ability are capable of acquiring and using items, but the fact that you can't see the carried items of units you do not control by default confused you.
  3. Iruyun

    Iruyun Guest

    Well, I made the units controllable by me. No other players in the map; it is solely Player 1 (Red). The heroes simply do not have inventories...

  4. Mind

    Mind New Member

    Perhaps your custom hero was based on Drek'thar, who has no inventory by default?

    Perhaps you gave your custom heroes a custom ability based on "Inventory (Hero)" without any slots?
  5. Iruyun

    Iruyun Guest

    Well, I supposed I fixed the problem. What I did was used a melee (default) Mountain King hero as a test subject. And I suppose those Heroes don't have inventories... and I made my marine after a unit, and then applied the ability Inventory(Hero)... (i'm not sure why that didn't work). In the end I simply remade marine with a unit that surely had an inventory..

    Hmm. Wierd.

    But it's fixed.

  6. darkassaisin

    darkassaisin Guest

    lol i don't know wat was wrong there.

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