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Flappy Bird on NUON ?

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  2. No , i want another game instead.

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  3. Fuck this game , i want thousands of mario & zelda clones on mah nuon

  1. gameblabla

    gameblabla New Member

    Seems like nobody is interrested to make NUON homebrew games so i have decided to make one.

    KillMinds is actually a straight port of my 3DO homebrew game of the same name.
    Without the Nuon Invades example , this would not exist.
    (Thanks cdoty ! Too bad you're no longer in the homebrew scene anymore...)

    Download link : See Attachement

    It has no sound and only works with a gamepad but its otherwise playable.
    It now has some sound effects and i think remote controllers are supported as well.
    (I'm not sure because i don't actually own a Nuon)

    Unfortunely, the emulator (Nuance) has a palette issue on my computer.

    How it appears on NUANCE on my pc :

    And this is how it should look like on real hardware :

    Let me know if this works on real hardware
    and tell me what you think about the game itself.

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  2. ovalbugmann

    ovalbugmann New Member

    Thanks for the Nuon game, :) not sure if it'll play on my N2000 but I will give it a try.
  3. gameblabla

    gameblabla New Member

    Unfortunely, it won't work on both Samsung Extiva DVD-N2000 or the Toshiba SD2300 unless i sign it with the leaked Authentication Tools. The tools will only work properly on Red Hat Linux but sources are provided as well.
    Anyone voluntary to make a Windows version or to fix them ? (They can be found DragonShadow Industries's website)
  4. K3V

    K3V NUON-Dome Moderator Staff Member

    Downloaded, thanks! I'll post an update on the homepage about it in a bit here :)
  5. Piotr

    Piotr New Member

    tnx ! downloaded - I check this in the weekend ! :)
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  6. gameblabla

    gameblabla New Member

    I was able to sign my homebrew, which means that you should be able to run it on the Samsung Extiva DVD-N2000 and the Toshiba SD2300.
    You must burn the KILLMINDS-UDF.iso file to a DVD-R.
    I have also provided an iso image called KILLMINDS.iso for players capable of running homebrews.
    Let me know if both images work well on real hardware.
    You can find the new version of KillMinds in my first post.
  7. cdoty

    cdoty Active Member

    That's great to hear someone actually got some use out of it.

    Did you end up compiling the signing tool for Windows?
  8. gameblabla

    gameblabla New Member

    Hello cdoty,
    good thing you're still around !
    No, i ended up running the binairies on my linux pc. (couldn't compile them)
    Yes, they still work after 14 years...
    However, i don't even have a nuon game so i don't know how i should lay out my game.
    It's probably not working... (or not enough)
  9. Stephen

    Stephen You can change this now in User CP.

    I was never able to get the signing tools working on Windows.
  10. doctorclu

    doctorclu You can change this now in User CP.

    Hey I got to try out Killminds tonight (Just got a working N501 finally like a month or so ago and figured out how to burn games this weekend.) This was a really fun game. I could sit there and relax while I played it. I think my score so far is 7800.
  11. gameblabla

    gameblabla New Member

    Hey, thanks doctorclu for testing the game on real hard !
    Now i know that it does work on a real NUON, which is great, as they are pretty hard to find....
    Wish i could get my hands on a Toshiba S2300 or a Samsung N2000 so i can test the signing feature properly.
    Unless someone wants to share me an official nuon game so i know how my game should be formatted.
    (But that's never going to happen i'm afraid unless i do it myself)

    Despite this though, i would like to make another game for that thing, it is just much easier to make games for
    compared to the Jaguar or even the Sega Genesis.
    What kind of games would you like to see on Nuon ?
  12. doctorclu

    doctorclu You can change this now in User CP.

    Hey I am happy to test games and have working SD2300 and N501 systems. Have both hooked up at this time.

    I think that flappy bird project sounded like a good direction for a game. As a programmer what kind of games were easy to port? Would Android games be a possibility, like Flappy Bird? I don't know many such games, but I know that Angry Birds is better as a touch game. However, another game I like, Super Stickman golf, would be fun and doable to the control scheme.

    As for me, I would like to see a version of Joust ported to the Nuon. I am trying to set up a dev setup at this time and might give that or another game a shot.
  13. gameblabla

    gameblabla New Member

    Turns out the ISO file was not correctly formatted so i fixed this.
  14. doctorclu

    doctorclu You can change this now in User CP.

    ISO? Where can I find it so I can burn it and try it on my 2300?
  15. doctorclu

    doctorclu You can change this now in User CP.

    Ok found the August 22nd version, burned to DVD-R but did not work on the 2300. Willing to burn as many as it takes to get this working though. There are a lot of homebrews I'd like to see working on the 2300.

    Don't get me wrong, I have a N501 but rarely use it since the laser is known for breaking down fairly quickly. So playing Doom on the 2300 for example would be awesome. :D
  16. gameblabla

    gameblabla New Member

    Of course it was not going to work, i need to sign it in order for it to work...
    The ISO file was for homebrew compatible NUON players, not the N2000 or the Toshiba 2300.
    Unfortunely, the passphrase provided the authentication tools is actually wrong so i may need to brute-force it.
    Thanks though, at least i know it is not working out-of-the-box.
  17. doctorclu

    doctorclu You can change this now in User CP.

    So Gameblabla, any further luck on this?
  18. gameblabla

    gameblabla New Member

    Nope, the passphrase provided with the leaked documents is wrong and i'm unable to properly sign my games.
    Plus, i don't really own one.
  19. doctorclu

    doctorclu You can change this now in User CP.

    Well try to make images and I can test them for you.

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